Davido’s 4-year-old daughter Imade becomes a child entrepreneur

While you are still confused of what to do with your life; here is a 4-four-year hold girl doing something. Yes, it is possible that her parents are only pushing this through her, but the point is this; her parent have been able to identify her with something – entrepreneurship. Does this make any sense?

Here is the idea; if Davido – OBO, can support a cause like this; it means, it’s a path worth following. You see, I was not surprised that this girl is doing this, but I am surprise that OBO can support her child at such young age to be an entrepreneur. If this were done by an average Nigerian; you probably would have said; it’s poverty mentality, but now, it’s done by the elite. The point is; it’s high time you start doing something with your life bro!!! Mama, encourage your children to be an entrepreneur. You see, if our parents had followed that path, probably things would have been easy for us now. So, make sure you do not make the same mistake of school, school and school. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying schooling is not good o o o; as a matter of fact, you can hardly succeed in any business, without education.

The name Aurora is derived from her middle name which makes it obvious that this step of her life has been well planned and thought out. The launch of the hair care products was held in the US and Davido and her mum, Sophia were both present to show their support for their little baby who seems to be growing really fast.

Maybe, we should quickly do a bit of analysis about Imade; if that will encourage you to start something.

1.    Imade is 4 – years: At that age, there is no doubt the child can hardly make a decision for herself, but nothing is impossible. At least, we have heard people who claimed they have been singing from womb lol. So, it is possible Imade actually put this forward to her mum, and she encouraged her.

2.  Imade is living with her mum (Single Parent): As much as we know; Davido is not yet married; at least, we know of her sweetheart – Chidinma. So, being a single parent does not mean your children are helpless. It is not an excuse to raise a child without future.

3.   Imade grand dad is wealthy: Adeleke is definitely not a rich man; so, you know what I mean when I say Imade grandfather is wealthy. Not that alone, Imade’s dad is also rich; at least! So, if Imade parents and grandfather can support her with all their wealth and affluence; why do you find it difficult to support your wife; with your 30k? You aren’t rich; yet, you aren’t supportive. Bros, you have a problem! Imade said her dad is the major sponsor of her business who is making sure his kids live their best lives.

4.   Imade’s parents allowed her to follow are dream: Then you will see one poor parent claiming rich. Parent, sometimes all your children needs you to do is to be supportive. Same goes to we the fathers – we need to be supportive. Never you condemn a small beginning.

I celebrate with you Imade; may you achieve greater height than your parents.

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