How To Create An Irresistible Bonus As An Affiliate Marketer

It is true that the customers are paying for the main product but no one can afford to say NO for a better offer with an EXTRA. Today, I am going to share with you some powerful bonus creation techniques for affiliate marketers; this will help you to increase your commission like wide fire.

A good bonus offer is something that cannot be turned down. It should be something that would catch the attention of your potential customers making it special from others. Remember, be UNIQUE. Make it IRRESISTIBLE.

So, what should your bonuses be like? What are the proper criteria for you to put up bonuses? What are the things that you should know when setting up your very own bonuses?

#1 Relevance

If the bonus is not at all relevant to your product, then the buyers who got it wouldn’t appreciate it and might even be confused by the bonus deal. More so, they won’t feel rewarded.

For example, you have chosen a product that offers a range of video templates for video marketing purposes. Relevantly, what would be closely related to a video template? What would your prospect need when buying this product?

Don’t you think once buyers have created videos, they will need traffic to increase the view? You just found yourself an opportunity right there! You can give a bonus relating to traffic generating secrets or even a YouTube traffic hacks. The possibilities are endless!

#2 Raise It Up

If the product you’ve chosen cost $67, your bonus should be worth 5 times the product! If your product is 100 dollars, your bonus should be worth 500 dollars. This is not a rule that you must follow. Just a general principle.

Your bonus works as a motivational push for your buyers to take actions in purchasing your product. But you would be surprised at the amount of earnings you can get if you apply this rule to your bonuses!

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#3 Rarity

Thirdly! Your bonus must be rare. Meaning, it is only accessible through you. If you provide a bonus that can be found elsewhere, it won’t be special anymore, and the prospective buyer might not be intrigued by it.

When you promise to give something, you should give it right away. Buyers will be very excited to receive the special bonus early enough. It is perhaps the primary reason they purchase through your affiliate link in the first place.

In fact, as much as you want more customers and prospects to come, keeping the same buyers is even better. Giving them disappointment by giving the promised bonus late would certainly hurt your business and reputation. Be extra careful and be responsible.

Despite your different methods of delivering bonus content to the buyers; manually or through automation, always remember to deliver them in a timely manner.

#4 Be Adventurous

And by being adventurous, I mean try to win affiliate contests! At times, product vendors will organize affiliate contests as a competition. Affiliate with the most number of sales in the set time will win a prize. Explore the affiliate contest in JVZoo!

They are used as incentives by the vendors to increase the number of affiliates who support and get onboard with their product launch.

In order to increase your sales for the affiliate contest, you can use the scarcity factor as your sales technique. This technique creates a sense of urgency for customers to purchase a product through your affiliate link by presenting it as limited for a short period of time.

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The best strategy is to join forces with other affiliates to create super bonuses to increase your sales and as a team, you can win the affiliate contest to put some extra cash in your pockets. You have extra value in your bonuses because you are leveraging each other’s efforts.

#5 Reuse

Lastly, your bonus offer will not end at that one promotion only. You have spent a lot of time and effort in formulating ideas and getting necessary things done to come up with such a great offer.

If you’re going to duplicate the same great offer for another promotion, you will surely save time and energy for not doing the same thing again. Nevertheless, you can use the same offer with the same great result if you have made it doable with other promotions.

So, before you give access to your awesome bonus you need to verify that the customer actually purchased through your affiliate link. It is important to ensure that you are not giving access to those who did not purchase through your link. This is unfair to those who did.

Have the customer submit a support ticket requesting access to your bonus. Have them submit their purchase transaction information so you can verify their purchase. Once you have verified the transaction simply create a user account and password for the user and send them the login details via the support ticket. That’s it!


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