How To Convert Gasoline Generator To Propane Generator (UPDATED)

How To Convert Your GasolinePetrol Generator To Using GasI think it is worth knowing that this is not a new technology; it has been for over 5 years! So, why are Nigerians not using the technology? There are basically two reasons why Nigerian are careful about this technology:

  1. People think it’s VERY risky: This is not true because Gas does not explode in an open space like petrol will do. If you keep your generator and the gas cylinder in an open space; there is no reason to fear explosion.
  2. People think it’s expensive: Yes, if you fall in the wrong hand. No, if you are in the right hand (EARN BASE). I have seen people charge as high as 50,00 for selling and installing this device. Habah!!!

However, do you know you can no longer go to the petrol station with Jerrycans? The Government of Nigeria is not making things easy at the moment I must confess but I hope all will be well soon. This means, if you want to fuel your generator you will have to carry it to the petrol station else you might not be able to buy fuel into your generator else you have a motorcycle or vehicle. I am sorry for those who are not mobile like me. Those that mean businesses will have to suffer? No! I have a good news for you!

Today, I will be sharing with you how you can painlessly convert your on How To Convert Gasoline Generator To Propane Generator (USING NATURAL OR COOKING GAS). There are lots of advantages to this; understanding the fact that this is cheap as I will be explaining how to get this done as simple as possible.

I think it is a wise Idea to consider some reasons why you should convert your gasoline generator to a generator using natural or cooking gas to power itself. The following are some of the reasons I can think of at the moment:

Advantages Of using Gas Over Petrol

  1. It is safer and environmental friendly
  2. It is cheaper and cost effective
  3. Gas is always available compare to petrol availability
  4. It helps your engine to last longer
  5. It helps to reduce the emission of carbon-monoxide to the air by up to 90%.

It is true that you can stop suffering because of fuel scarcity; if only you will Power your Gasoline (Petrol) Power Generator with Propane (Natural or Cooking Gas).  I am glad to bring you another awesome way to make huge profit in Nigeria!

The truth is that hospitals and other large companies “never” install a gasoline back-up generator. They always use natural gas or diesel. Gasoline/Petrol has a very limited shelf life (It expires) and will actually cause engine failure. If you have Propane/Gas available you know you can store propane for years because it does not gum up, go bad, or pollute the air like gasoline/petrol does.

Unfortunately, as some have learned the hard way, if not used often enough, gasoline/petrol will gum up the carburetor and will render an engine on the emergency generator useless. That s the major reason why you have to service your generator for not using it for a very long time. Do not get caught with a gummed up carburetor that will not allow your engine to run, on your gasoline generator that you cannot even get fuel for, when you need it the most.

Some Generators And Engines Can Be changed Over To Alternate Fuel In Three Different Ways.

  1. Dedicated means the carburetor is converted to only run on alternative fuel.  These are available as Type A for 12hp or less engines and as Type 1 and Type 3 Kits for larger engines.
  2. Bi-Fuel is for Gasoline and Propane and are available as Type 2 Kits.
  3. Tri-Fuel is for Gasoline, Propane, and Natural Gas operation.  These are available as Type C or Type 4 Kits.

What Is The Difference Between The A & C Kits And The Type 1 thru 4 Kits?

The Type 1 thru 4 Kits utilize a heavy duty industrial type engine regulator with an internal idle circuit (this idle circuit which has an adjustable idle fuel screw is needed mostly for engines that have true throttle control like a pedal operated throttle or a lawn mower) and an additional vacuum safety shut-off device built right inside. Vacuum from the engine opens this lock-off to start the fuel to run and stop the fuel when the engine stops.

The A & C Kits come with a “zero governor” that acts as its own shut-off device. Think of the engine regulator as a glass of milk and the rubber hose from the regulator as a drinking straw. If you put a straw into a glass of milk, no milk will come out of the straw until you draw the milk up the straw. That is how the zero governor functions. When the engine is running and as air is passing through the carburetor or adapter, the fuel is drawn out of the regulator through the rubber hose. When the engine stops the gas stops.

As you can see the A & C kits do not need additional vacuum lines and fittings so they are simpler to install than the Type 1 thru 4 kits. The same carburetor and adapter components are used in both the Type 1 thru 4 and A & C kits. The only difference is just the engine regulator that changes and the associated parts.

The most common method of conversion is the type that changes over the carburetor. This method is less expensive because the original gasoline carburetor is modified to meter the alternate fuel.

To make the modification, simply remove the carburetor from the engine. Unscrew the float bowl and discard it along with the float, needle and high speed jet that runs up through the center of the carburetor (shown below).  The passage that the high speed jet ran up through is then enlarged to accept the new propane or natural gas jet. One other passage is drilled larger and all other PASSAGES are sealed with the sealant provided. That is basically it. An example of the new tube can be seen in the picture above.

This type of conversion will produce FULL power because the carburetor is now delivering fuel at the exact location that was engineered for the delivery of gasoline to the engine air stream. Even though most people never go back to gasoline, if gasoline operation is ever wanted in the future, a new carburetor would be purchased.

So, How Do You Convert A Gasoline/Petrol Generator To A Propane/Gas Generator?

The technology is very simple and easy. Irrespective of the maker or the design of the device there is just one thing that is important to them all – IT IS ALWAYS BETWEEN THE AIR FILTER AND THE CARBURETOR!

Step 1: Get the right device. This is very important; because it determines the success of the whole system. If you get this wrong; you have missed it all. Make sure you get your generator model number and capacity before making any purchase. The best of all this equipment is the Type C Kit because it is of U.S standard. I hope you know what that means?gasoline generator convertion type c kit

Step  2: Remove the air Filter of the Gasoline Generator. All generators have this; it is also easy to locate.

here is the gasoline generator

the gasoline generator2

the gasoline generator3

Step 3: Unscrew the bolts that tightens the filter holder.the gasoline generator4

Step 4: Remove the back half of the Air Filter

the gasoline generator5

the gasoline generator6

Step 5: Mount the device and screw depending on the type of device you got. To some device; this might be all you have to do but for others you might be required to do more.

the gasoline generator11

Step 6: Return the air filter to their place and screw up.

the gasoline generator12 the gasoline generator13

the gasoline generator14

That is all that need to be done. However, I will advise you test for leaking gas if any. This you will do by applying soapy solution on every joins of your design.

The Type C is expensive. That is why I will be talking about another petrol to gas converter from China. To be honest with you; this type is very common in Nigeria; I have seen this type in Nigeria on different occasions. It cost less than 10,000 to arrive here in Nigeria. If you have a good bargaining sense you can get it for around 6,000 but it is sold for about 20,000 + in Nigeria.
How To Convert Gasoline Generator To Propane Generator Converter

Just like the Type C Kits; it also goes in BETWEEN THE AIR FILTER AND THE CARBURETOR!

the gasoline generator8 the gasoline generator7

The Type C will work for most generators but for the other product; you need to check the model number before you make any purchase. However, it will also work for most Generators in Nigeria; just that you will need to know your generator KVA before you make and order. You can check this table to know the right one to purchase.

Cheapest WayTo Convert Gasoline Generator To Propane Generator


China is always known to be a very good copy-cat; they are so good at copying anything. In fact, China copied God to produce a doll that will replace woman in their country. Anyway, this they also did at a very reasonable price.

I must be sincere with you; the China conversion kit are the ones available in Nigeria because it gives them more profit margin than the Type C kit – period. The China brands price ranges from $46 – $108 depending on where you and your bargaining power. This is sold between 30,000 – 45,00 in Nigeria.

The common brands in China are:







I hope this helps! Please, drop your comments or questions below!

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  1. I have a Chinese 3 wheelers motorcycle would like To use propane without kit,
    only BBQ regulator with a Stove Pressure Regulator Pipe and Valve
    I will put the copper pipe directly inside the carburetor where the air goes true
    ,I saw a video when I started my reaches but I have a hard time to find it now those BBQ regulator will work or not thanks

    • @Christian, am sorry I may not be able to help as we only use the propane carburetor for generator alone. However, a picture of what you are doing may help find the solution here.

  2. whaoo…this is facinasting,,,,please how can i get a comprehensive information about the science and technology behind this project,ithanks

    • @David, we have a comprehensive DVD on this project. From start to finish; including purchasing, installation, safety and trouble shooting. You can get the DVD for just 3,500. You can call 08060023272 if you need it.

    • @Ola, thanks for finding Earn Base resourceful like others do. If you will like to be trained by me. I have compiled a complete comprehensive video guide on how install the kit and make money with it. You can call me on this number if interested 08060023272

  3. Infact it is a welcome development in period like this in Nigeria. Kudos to earn base. I will like to get one pls send your address and phone contact in lagos to me. What a wounderful technology.

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      • Dear sir,
        Am much greatful with this new technology. My dream is coming to reality. I needed something to start life with after school and I really love this as a business. I will love to partner with you, to market and as well install it to people. Am ready for the training

        • @Dominic, please come to our office @ 476, Lagos Abeokuta Express Way, General Bus Stop, Ojokoro, Lagos State.
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  4. Here comes a relief for African, especially Nigerian who have been suffering for epireptic power supply for long in midst of fuel (gasoline) scarcity. Sir, I wish to join hand with you to promote this great technology here in port harcourt nigeria and south south in general.

  5. I wish to join hands with you to promote this technology here in port harcourt and south south in general as epireptic power supply in midst of fuel scarcity remain the cancaworm that devour our income.

  6. Here comes a relief for africa, especialy
    Nigeria who has.been sufering for power supply for long. I highly comend this technology sir.

  7. Am in Abuja. can you do the installation for me? I want it done by an expert that can give me guarantee that the gas or gen won’t explode.

  8. The information you provided is very informative. Please what’s the name of the conversion kit from China. Maybe manufacturers name or the model name. Thanks u

  9. Good job Sir. Please can you make this go viral? if you can, it will be appreciated if you can create a video on it.
    Very great job Sir!

    • @Samuel,thanks for your suggestions. However, I have the videos and you can call me up if you need it.

    • @Steve, I am flattered honestly. Anyway, thanks so much for your comment. Sir, you can always find my number here on earnbase. you can either import the product yourself or contact me in you need one. Thanks

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  10. Excellent piece when mounting the device between the carburetor and air filter seat what do I attach It to and can I do it myself? Also do you train people to install the device?

    • @Ademola, You only need that thing if you are using the Type C device. In fact, Type C kit is all you need to know how to fix and you will know how to fix the rest why. Why? because Type C had more parts than the other types.
      As for the installation, the installation is damn simple and anybody can do it. I think the problem here is safety in installation and not complexity! However, I have comprehensive videos on how to install different kind of the device. You can call me up if you need it.

  11. Thank for the good job sir . Pls i will love to purchase the kit . Where do i purchase it ,do i ve
    to import it . Or where can i buy in lagos nigeria . That is cheaper

    • @Odende Told, there are guys selling the device in Nigeria but it is FAR cheaper to import it yourself from China.
      You check this link if don’t know how to import from China
      Thanks for finding this very useful.

  12. Sir, I must comment…. This is really working smoothly for me.. . I never believe it at first, until you gave me your word. Even It is cost effective for my office and at home.

    • @ Charles, you can set the type C kit used in this tutorial for $128. Though there are some other type that are cheaper between $35 – $78.
      You can get them on either eBay or aliexpress and many other importation and exportation website.
      Thanks once again

    • Good day sir I have seen ur simplified explanation on how to install the device on an easy base, can the vibration from the generators not courses leakage of gas from the kit while in operation

      • @Godwin, thanks for your question. No sir!!!
        That is why you are expected to clip your hose properly at both ends.
        Thanks once again

          • @Godwin, as far as I know there is now where you can get the type C kit. However, you can import the kit yourself with almost 50,000 including the shipping cost.
            I hope this helps.
            Thanks for visiting EARNBASE

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