How To Convert Airtime To Cash

If you were fortunate to school in Nigeria, you will understand how many lives were saved by selling recharge cards in schools. During my NCE days, whenever guys are broke; we usually call our parents or relatives to send us recharge cards. This is because we always have someone on campus to buy the recharge cards. Although, this shouldn’t have been the best option, as will always get a less value for the recharge card, but it was the best option for us then. A card of 1000 would be bought for between 700 – 800. While a card of 500 – will be bought from 300 – 400, that is usually the way it was done bro!

Problems with selling recharge cards

  1. People will always pay less for the value of the recharge card
  2. Sometimes, you will even have to sell on credit
  3. In most cases, you will have to beg them to buy your cards. My brother, it was not easy jo; at least, man must chop!

However, things are different now, as there is a company that allows you to convert recharge card to money, and also collect recharge cards from your customers. Zoranga!!!

With Zoranga, you can now covert recharge card, either loaded or not, to cash instantly. Are you thinking what am thinking? Don’t you think zoranga will be handy with some awuf recharge cards? All these happen at a very low rate; as their signup process is very easy.

With this platform, you don’t have to panic after you’ve mistakenly purchased airtime from your bank – just open a Zoranga account to convert it back to cash in your bank account instantly. Apart from converting airtime to cash, Zoranga also allows you to receive money from your customers in form of airtime, you can have the API setup on your website and seamlessly get paid.

The airtime goes to your Zoranga account where you can now convert and transfer the cash to your bank or sell it to an agent and get paid. You can check out zoranga fees for conversion.

All you have to do is visit and open an account; it’s free and easy!

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