Contraband Goods Worth Over N1Billion Was Impounded By Nigeria Customs

contra-bound-goodsSometimes I ask myself why some people prefer to do risky businesses. I wonder why someone would bring contraband goods into the Country. More so, I just want to ask why some people preferred to import everything; does it mean will don’t have good furniture maker in Nigeria? At least, if you must import; I expect you to import what is not produced in the country.

In the cause to keep Nigeria clean and safe; The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Federal Operations Unit (FOU) Zone C, Owerri has recorded a total of two hundred and thirty-one (231) seizures of contraband goods with an overall Duty Paid Value (DPV) of one billion, nine hundred and fifty-seven million, five hundred and twenty nine thousand, three hundred and seventy-five naira (N 1,957,529,375.00) in the third quarter of the year 2016.
This is in contrast to the three hundred and seventy-nine (379) seizures with a DPV of two billion, two hundred and twenty-four million, two hundred and forty-five thousand, seven hundred and ninety-seven Naira (N2,224,245,797.00) impounded in the year 2015.

The Comptroller Haruna Mamudu, said twenty-two suspects were arrested in connection with the seizures which were impounded on the Benin axis, Asaba-Agbor-Onitsha express way, Calabar, Enugu, Owerri and Port-Harcourt axis of the South-south and South -East zones of the federation.

The Items Impounded Include:

  • 121 vehicles
  • 3,082 bags of 50kg rice
  • 1,454 cartons /set of furniture
  • 5,120 pieces of used foreign thing
  • 625 cartons of fake medicaments
  • 2,600 pieces of imported school bags
  • 63 containers of log of wood
  • 97 pieces of 14 -stroke engine generator
  • 30,181 cartons imported frozen poultry products
  • 1,148 bales of second hand clothing
  • 2, 331 cartons of foreign detergents and creams
  • 1,339 pairs of foot wears
  • 142 pieces of used refrigerators and compressors
  • 155 cartons of plastic and articles of plastics
  • 129 cartons of ceramics
  • 803 bags of scrap metals
I hope someone somewhere can remind someone that this is SAY BABA regime. No wonder, The Comptroller Haruna, who expressed concern at the continued indulgence of some Nigerians in the act of smuggling despite stiff penalty for culprits arrested said that the NCS would remain resolute and undeterred in its efforts to stamp out the scourge in the country. He also warned all die hard smugglers who are still involved in the illegal business to purge themselves of this before the long arm of the law catches up with them.

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