Complete Guide On How To Start Snail Farming In Nigeria – Lesson One

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Today, I shall be talking about how to start a snail farming here in Nigeria from start to finish. I think it is important to let you know that I am not an expert on this subject but I have more than enough information on snail rearing than you will get in some eBooks on snail rearing.

I love snail farming for so many reasons:

  1. It does not cause on wanted odor like other animal farming e.g. poultry, piggery, fishery and many more
  2. It is cheap to construct snails housing
  3. You don’t need a land to start snail farming
  4. It is very cheap to feed snails as they feed on our kitchen waste e.t.c
  5. Snail have a very high multiplication ratio

So, let get started!

Snail meat is commonly known as “Congo meat”; it is a popular delicacies in Nigeria. Snails are one of the commonest sources of animal protein in South Nigeria where the ecosystem favors their existence. The meat is high in protein (12 -16%) and Iron (45 – 50 mg/kg); low in fat (0.05 – 0.08%) and contains almost all the amino acids needed for human nutrition in right proportion.

Before the emergence of Snail’s farming in Nigeria as a business. Snails are collected from the bush/wild in Nigeria. But this has considerably declined because of some human activities such as: the use of pesticide, deforestation, bush fires and many other human activities. If this continues unchecked, then the land will sooner or later be free of snail.  One way of preventing this from happening is to start rearing snails in the farm just like we do for poultry, rabbits, pigs and rabbits.

So, what is Snail’s Farming?

Snail farming is the rearing of snails for sales or personal consumption. There are two main systems of snail farming. These are:  The Indoor System and The Outdoor System.

  1. The Indoor System: This is the process by which snails are rear indoors in a Pen located in a building. This system requires title space as the snails could be raised even in a box or a basket.
  2. The Outdoor System: In this system, snails are rear outside on the pasture/grass. This snails are left to fed for themselves in most cases. The snails move around feeding on natural food materials. A modification of the Outdoor system is one in which the snails are confined Outdoors in enclosures and fed both synthetic and natural diets. This system is common in Nigeria as it is easier to control an manipulate the snails.

We shall continue in my next post

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