Cheapest And Best Way To Start GSM Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria (UPDATE)

Last year I wrote some posts on printing GSM recharge cards online and so many lives were affected positively – all thanks to God almighty. Today, the whole game as taken a new turn and so many things are not the way they use to be; that is why I have decided to provide you with this post to keep you updated on what is happening in the GSM RECHARGE CARD PRINTING BUSINESS. I shall be updating this post from time to time. So, I encourage you to always drop your questions here so that we can make this post fresh and up to date. You can click here if you miss my previous posts on GSM RECHARGE CARD PRINTING BUSINESS.

The Cheapest And Easiest Way To Start Recharge Card And Data Bundle Business In 2017

Just as have rightly said in my previous post; there are three ways to break even into this GSM RECHARGE CARD PRINTING BUSINESS: As a Dealer, As a Wholesaler/Sub-dealer or as a Retailer. So, let me quickly run over each of them in no time.


A dealer is an individual or an organization that has a dealership or agency arrangement with the GSM service providers. As a dealer, you will be issued card product licenses by the GSM service providers and maintain direct correspondence with them.

These are the people or company that sells to wholesalers in large quantity. it is easy to make money here because there are less competition here because of the capital involved. For instance you will need to invest up to 20 million or more to become a dealer.


By being a wholesaler/sub-dealer; it means you have a substantial amount to buy from the dealers. However, you do not require any license from service providers to operate as you will be doing business with the dealers and not the service providers. Wholesalers/Sub-dealers depends solely on licensed dealers for generation of recharge card PINs, but they must have the capacity to print and distribute recharge cards in huge volumes. You can start at this level if you have above 150,000.


These categories of people who sell to the recharge card to the final consumer while they buy directly from the wholesaler – they are the closest to the final consumers. As a retailer; you will be buying already generated PINs from dealers or sub-dealers and printing them out to sell them directly to the final consumers or other recharge card sellers.

Just as there are three ways to break into this business; there are also FOUR known options to start printing the GSM RECHARGE CARDS.


This is the process by which you print GSM recharge card PINS from a website; you can also send the PIN directly to credit someone’s phone. This is by far the easiest way to venture into the recharge card printing business.

Advantages of Online/Web Option

  1. No need for POS
  2. No need for any software
  3. It requires little of no capital; you can start with 5,000
  4. It is very fast get involved; you only need to register with a reliable reseller
  5. You can also top up people’s lines directly from their website while you get a commission for each voucher that you sell

Disadvantages of Online/Web Option

  1. It requires internet
  2. If the website is down; business is down
  3. You cannot transfer credit from one website to another
  4. You can lose your cards if someone gain access to your online web account



The POS recharge card machine is a handy device that allows you to print out recharge cards at the point of sales – pay on purchase. It means you will only print out the recharge cards on demand.

Advantages of POS Recharge Card Machine

  1. Print on demand
  2. No need for stocking recharge card PINS
  3. No network failure as no internet needed
  4. It can be used for other payment e.g DSTV, PHCN e.t.c
  5. It can also be used to receive payment from clients
  6. No risk of theft because vouchers are not stored
  7. No minimum order quantities
  8. Instant delivery
  9. Continuous availability of voucher
  10. User friendly
  11. Daily and monthly management sales and profitability reports
  12. Account alert: It alerts you when the balance in your account is getting low and advises you to go to the bank and replenish your account
  13. Higher security as the machine is password enabled. This means that only the owner has access to the machine
  14. No need for external printer; the POS machine has its own printer
  15. It is also very portable thus easy to carry about.
  16. No software needed
  17. It has strong battery life for up to 8hours when fully charged
  18. No email required

Disadvantages of POS Recharge Card Machine

  1. The POS device is fairly expensive
  2. It can be easily stolen because of its potability

For instance; if anyone approaches you to buy an MTN recharge card of N200, all you need do is take up your POS, press the MTN button and press 200 and send – that simple. Then, it prints out your N200 MTN card.

To get started with this option, you will need to buy the POS machine first from any trusted mobile network accredited distributors. After which you will fund your account and then start printing the various network recharge cards.


This is a fairly an old way of printing recharge card PINs anyway. But I am still going to talk about it here so that you don’t fall victim of being sold into it.

By this method; you will get software from a reputable dealer. After which you buy some recharge card PINS.

These recharge cards PIN will then be sent to your email that you submitted to the dealer.

Then you copy the PINS and PRINT or you connect your system and print from your mail.

It is important to know that you won’t be able to print anything without the software. That is why you need the software to display the PINS else it will all be black!

For example

Remember the recharge card printing company already has your email address and you will need to install their software on your computer. Then Pay for PINS (vouchers are sold as PINS to the sub-dealers who need to print them) to the company’s account number and send a sms after payment following the template below.

Template: Send me MTN 200 (100 PINS), I have paid into your account. EarnBase, [email protected]. Note that it’s important you call the dealers to confirm if they have on ground what you intend to buy before going ahead to make payment into their account.

Advantage of Recharge Card Printing Software

  1. It fairly cheap compare to POS

Disadvantage of Recharge Card Printing Software

  1. It needs internet
  2. It needs external printer
  3. Purchase of a4 paper
  4. It needs light
  5. It is an old way pr printing recharge card
  6. the software only work for the dealer that own it
  7. If you change dealer; you will change software


This is the latest method of printing recharge cards now. I highly recommend this method; so pay attention here!

What is E-PIN Manager?

E-PIN manager is a software that enables you to print recharge vouchers of All Networks (MTN, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel, Visafone and Starcomms) with ease and has extended features which no other software of its kind can offer or has offered. It works with ePins purchased from ANY recharge cards dealer in Nigeria.

Advantage of E-PIN Manager

  1. It is user friendly
  2. It prints all major networks – MTN, Etisalat, Airtel, Glo, Visafone, Starcomms
  3. You can use it with any dealer of your choice
  4. It is very secure
  5. It is cheap to start compare to POS

Disadvantages of E-PIN Manager

  1. You need to but the E-PIN Manager itself
  2. It requires external printer
  3. It requires the use of PC or Laptop
  4. You cannot use it for bill payments eg DsTv, GoTV, PHCN etc.
  5. You cannot use it to transfer funds.

See Step By Step Guide On How Easy To Use E-PIN Manager To Print Recharge Cards

Step 1: Pay N9,500 for the license key (the key would enable the software to function)

Step 2: Download the software on your computer

Step 3: Enter the username and password that was given to you alongside the license key

Step 4: Edit the company name/details on the software and change it to yours then CLICK ON SAVE

Step 5: Load the epins that you’ve gotten from an accredited dealer (I would give you the contact details of these dealers later) CLICK YES

Step 5: Connect your printer, go to the print options

Step 6: Print out the vouchers

No holding back if you must make money this year! Get Started and Get to work!!!

You can make payment to the following account details

First Bank

Account No: 2032848148

Account Name: Africhant Solutions

You Can Now Pay Online

Please, drop your questions or requests below. I hope this helps someone!

130 thoughts on “Cheapest And Best Way To Start GSM Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria (UPDATE)”

  1. I have been looking for this opportunity for a long time now. I registered with a dealer called “Ecoweaght” in Asaba, Delta state but he was not reliable, after collecting a huge amount of money from me,because of my ignorant. Sir, can i as well come to your office?.

    • Once you make a payment of 9,500; you will get the software (Epin Manager) with the License, manual, video and Epin dealers contact. Then install the Epin Manager and start printing recharge cards after buying your Epins from the dealers.

  2. How is the discount for the E-Pin Manager software?
    Does it offer better profit like other methods?
    How can I be a wholesaler/sub-dealer too?

  3. Please, I only have 50, 000 altogether to start this E-Pin Manager software.
    After the #9500 for the software will I need to pay another money?
    Please, Kindly reply me.Thanks

  4. Good day sir please after paying #9500 for the Win manager, do I need to pay any for anything?
    I am looking for a plan I can start with 10,000

  5. Good day, plz how can I get the pin and all I need to start the business as quick as possible i mean the recharge card pin and other accessories. Thanks

      • I believe it’s usually someone who is looking for help that calls the other. Why are some of us making unnecessary demands? Pls let them know they should be the one to call you and not you calling. You have sent your number several times. Thanks .

  6. I would like to know more on how I can start this business with any of the options you have given. Can you please send me your contact ? Thanks mine is 07034737336.

  7. Good Afternoon,
    Please contact me on 07081572026
    I’m really interested in the e-pin manager recharge card business.
    Hope to hear from you soon.


  8. Thanks for your reply that’s my concerns I’m new I don’t have printer computer and others hence I thought 50k as spin mgr can’t do all these I don’t know which way or other means you can help me to start you know how tempting cash can be at times don’t want to spend this small fund but like to start profitable biz pls help sir

  9. Sir you said 50k Epin Mgr start up, I only read from your reply to others that the epin mgr is 9k5h so what’s the breakdown of bal 40k5h? Then also breakdown of pos start up 100k+ thirdly sir for the website 5k start up is this a passive income type? If yes I will prefer this being combine with pos type

    • @Amb, the EPIN costs 9,500 and you pay 2,000 to register with your dealer. Then you can invest the balance in buying EPIN, if you already have printer, laptop and papers.

  10. Sir you are a patriot thanks for your selfless service pls which is costlier to start ref to start up capital comparing pos to spin mgr where computer printer a4 papers and other expenses involved.

  11. Please all I want is the pins.. Please can I just buy the e pins and print it manually..please I need the list of epin dealers..Send it to my mail so I can contact them..

    • @James, the EPIN Manager helps you to print your recharge PIN. I will only give you a trusted dealer if you buy from us. Thanks for visiting earn base.

    • @Tochukwu, your dealer does not necessary need to come from your state sir. As long as they are reliable, they can be operate from anywhere. Thanks for visiting earnbase

  12. I want t the E-pin manager. Knidly tell me how much it is to get the license and how to make payment. and how do i receive the material , also about the list of genuine dealers. Thank you

  13. Thanks for this information.
    I desire to start with the E-Pin Manager. Please direct me where to purchase it. Should I come to your office to accomplish the steps?
    My best regards.
    Engr. Onyema

    • Our address is scattered all over this website. I don’t know why some people are just too lazy. Even to read common address you can’t.
      Anyway, if you stroll to the bottom of our web page you will see our office address thee and in case, you still missed it; here is it:
      476, Lagos Abeokuta Express Way, General Bus Stop, Ojokoro

  14. Into which account am i to pay the cost of the license and how would you know i have paid?. What about the list of the genuine dealers? thank you

    • You’ll make payment into my Bank account. When you are ready to get the E-Pin. Just send me an SMS and will send you the account details.

      I will send you the dealers along with the E-Pin.

  15. I want t the E-pin manager. Knidly tell me how much it is to get the license and how to make payment. When and how do i receive it? How would you know i have paid? can i use both the E-pin manager and the POS machine if i so wish? If i decide later to be a sub dealer, what other thing is required apart from the N150,000 and above capital? Please remember to send the list of genuine dealers to me. Thank you

    • @Taiwo, thanks for visiting EARNBASE. Let me revert to your question as follows:
      1) The license is 9,500
      2) You make payment into our back account and we generate the license and send to you.
      3) I will send you the License through SMS.
      4) Yes, you can use both E-Pin and POS
      5) I am sorry, I don’t have the information on the sub dealership for now.

      I hope have been able to answer your questions.

      Thanks once again

  16. Sir, my friend want to register with reliable re seller for Online/Web recharge printing, how do I go about that? Also how do I know a reliable reseller to register with?

  17. Please sir, how do I download the software in my computer? And how do i make payment for both the license key and Recharge cards pin for E-pin manager option. Reply I am interested in this one. Thanks for your concern.

  18. After paying for your E PIN software, what is the minimum amount needed to buy pin from a dealer? Please I need your advice on this.

    • @Idegu, I’m sorry I may not be able to give you a straight forward answer this time because prices varies from one dealer to another. But if you are buying from us the minimum is 5,000 worth of recharge card PIN.

  19. am asking bcos the orange box pos, the price of the recharge pins are most times the same amount with what the wholesalers sell to us. so if you add up the cost of the paper, it becomes more expensive than buying the already printed voulchers

  20. please i am interested in the e-manager recharge card business.After the purchase of the licence key,please explain the next processes clearly as i am a first timer

    • @Godwill, the next step after getting the EPIN manager is to buy the recharge card , print and start selling.
      Thanks for visiting EARNBASE

  21. Amongst all the above listed ways of producing recharge cards, which way is the easiest way of producing recharge card for people like us that are not all that educated, nor know anything about software or computer, or is there no possibility for people like us in this package? and if there is, which of them and how much is it or will it cost?


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