Buy Original Chemical From EarnBase

Like I always said, there are basically three things that made up of a quality product.

  1. Chemical Used (40%)
  2. Production Skill (55%)
  3. Chemical Measurement (5%)

Make sure you read to the end of this page, because I am going to give you the direct contact line to our Chemical Sales Manager; her contact alone solves all your chemical issues – trust me.

So, Let Us Discuss About Fake Chemicals And Its Dangers

Before you buy any chemical; it’s important you are purchasing genuine liquid soap chemicals. You can tell whether a supplier is reliable by looking for a few telltale signs. I will offer some advice on how to verify the authenticity of your chemicals.

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The Risks of Counterfeit Chemicals: Why Authenticity Must Come First

Because counterfeiters can profit greatly from producing fake chemicals, this issue is very real. The industry is very lucrative, and the profit margins are incredible.

For a number of reasons, fake chemicals can be harmful:

  • Ineffective: Fake chemicals won’t be able to produce the desired effects.
  • They could be toxic or flammable, making them dangerous. They might even be dangerous to human health or explosive.
  • The use of fake chemicals is unethical. Additionally, it might cause harm or even death.
  • Financially: You’ll have pricey recalls and lawsuits to deal with if you’re discovered or if your chemicals cause issues.
  • It is detrimental to your brand: Lying to customers or cutting corners could hurt your standing as a company.


The originality of the chemical used in your production caries 40% of your production success; which means, if you have a good chemical; you are 30% on your way to producing a quality product.

Unfortunately, 70% of chemical sold in the market are fake; which is why, some of you don’t end up with a quality product even with the right recipe.

Let me tell you how we overcame this problem; we buy our chemicals directly from federal verified chemical company – we don’t buy from back doors chemical store.

This is important to use because we know it carries 40% power of our production success.

So, if you are buying from EarnBase; you are sure of 40% quality production success.


This is the most important of all. Even if you have the best of chemicals with poor production skill; you can be sure your production won’t turn out great – no hate. It’s that important!!!

The more reason we have this new chemical shop for training. So, if you are coming to any of our physical class; you will have access to raw chemical and see things 100% practical.

We won’t take you to another venue for our training again; it will all happen right in this our new chemical shop.

N.B: There is a training coming up on the second Saturday in November, and the good part it that; it’s at 75% discount. Instead of 45,000; you will pay just 5,000. Yes, you read correctly – 5,000.

This training will be on ALL TYPES OF LIQUID SOAPS; at now as the offer ends in October 29th, 2020.


Believe it or not; using the wrong chemical measurement has an impact on your production quality. That is the more reason you need to always buy from a trusted chemical shop. Even if the chemical is original, and you have the right production skill, but your measurement is wrong; then there are 5% chances of losing production quality.

Buy Original Chemical From EarnBase

With EarnBase Chemical Store; 1kg is 1kg!!!

And here is the good news, even in times of Covid-19 and #ENDSARS; EarnBase just opened another chemical shop in Ipaja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Quickly, let me tell you the beauty of this newly opened chemical shop. Aside from giving you the ability to buy original chemical at a prevailing market price; it is also a center for household training.

Here is what I am saying…

In this our new chemical shop; you can do the following:

1. Buy original chemicals directly from us at a very affordable price, and we can deliver nationwide.

2. Wholesales is also available

3. Household training center

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  1. Good evening n God bless u. Am producing dettol liquid bathing soap, I HV added pine oil n phenol, I want 2 add chloroxylnol, is it safe to add it? Will it spoil my soap? Tanx.

    • When producing soap; you don’t have to add all dettol chemicals to make it dettol soap. As such, adding chloroxynnol is not safe; except you know the right measurement; else, produce without it. Thanks


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