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just-dont-quitHello Earnbasers, I am please to bring something to boost your courage and rekindle your strength to carry on. I was just wondering on why lots and lots of companies are folding up and so many people loosing their jobs. I asked my self what can I do in times like this?

I am just an ordinary man like you; who have not godfather in the Aso Rock or White House. But that does not mean there is nothing I can I do but rather a challenge. There is something that has gotten me this far; I believe it will help you if you care to listen.


I know you have spent so much on your business and yet to make a dine. You have invested so much that you loose your sleep to debt owned to the bank. Have you still indebted after selling all you have? maybe you are thinking of closing down that business of your; but before you do just finish reading this piece. Yes, I know I probably might not know what you are actually going through but I have a news for you tonight.

I remember some years ago; prissily 2008. I wast with my uncle’s wife to help her manage here school cause I was on holiday. During that time the owner of the building where she uses for her school wanted to use the building. So, he gave her a quit noticed and 6 months to leave. After three months of intensive search for another building and no one surface; she resolute within herself to quit the school and allow the school to die.

Just before her final conclusion she came to me with a heavy heart and ask for my advice. I told her not to quit the school because at that time she already had over 87 students. I advised her to probably change environment totally if need be but she should not quit her school. At that time her husband had money and she decided to quit the school; knowing fully well that her husband will be able to take care of the family. Fast forward….

Dont quit Ali

Just exactly 13 months later the husband lost his job and his wife had go to and look for a teaching job because she had a baby at that time – around 2009; she was paid 9,000. This is no joke at all!!! Things became very hard for the family even up till now.

The truth is that whatever might be your reason for quitting  – it is always too early. You can change your strategies and approach if need be but you must never change your destination. That is just the way life is; only the strong at heart will conquer. Don’t give up; Don’t give up; Don’t give up; Don’t give up and I say Don’t give up!!!

I you can just stay a bit longer! I mean, if you can just hold on a bit!!! What am trying to say is that if you can always hang on a bit; there is always a light at the end of every tunnel.

I know the time is rough and the situation around you is not encouraging but if you can look within and challenge your inner man to be strong; you will see that you will testify at the end. All I have to say is that you must not give up on that dream.

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