Business Marketing Strategies That will Work Best in 2016

marketing strategies for 2016Every business owner wants to attract more clients and increase their sales. There is a simple secret to small business marketing that gets you more clients and increases your sales and I’m going to tell you what it is.

Several times a day I get emails like this from hardworking entrepreneurs and business owners;

“I’m a Designer in a highly competitive market, what can I do to be different, unique and highly sought after?”
Damola, Abiodun

Are you in the same situation? Are you facing stiff competition for your prospects’ attention and business? Do you want to uniquely position your products and services so you can grow your business?

If so, you’ve got the right objectives. Now you need to learn the most powerful secret in marketing; one that can help you double or triple your business in months.

The secret to successful small business marketing is simple; give your prospects the information they want. (That’s all!); I know what you’re thinking.

You already do this and you’ve got a list of satisfied clients to prove it. But despite a successful track record you’re still not attracting as many new clients as you want, then your marketing isn’t working hard enough.

Most small business marketing fails because it mistakenly gives prospects information they aren’t interested in and won’t respond to.

When you sign up a new client, your goal is to make them happy by providing the superior service or products.  What you are doing when you provide quality services is putting your clients’ interest first, and it pays off in repeat sales and referrals.

The same principle works in marketing. Put your prospects’ interest first in your marketing and you’ll stand out from the competition, become highly sought after and have more clients than you ever imagined.

This sounds incredibly obvious and simple, but the fact is that hardly any businesses actually do it. When you do, you’ll put yourself light years ahead of your competitors.

How to Make Your Marketing Work in other To Grow Your Business successfully

  1. Put your prospects’ interests first in every aspect of your marketing system.
  2. Get your prospects’ attention by leading with a focus on their primary concern or challenge. This applies to everything from your ads, your business proposal, your website, your client contacts, conversations and even your business card.
  3. Give away something your prospects want. A well-written report can attract tens of thousands to your web site or a free course can get qualified prospects into your office on a daily basis.
  4. Demonstrate area of your expertise. Whether you’re an accountant or sell tires, give them ideas they can immediately use. Do this again and again and they’ll soon look to you for advice.
  5. Provide proof that you can help your prospects reach their goals. Feature past client case studies and testimonials that give specifics about the results your products and services provide.
  6. Build a relationship with your prospects so they know you and trust you. Ultimately, people decide whom to buy from based on gut instincts. A strong relationship with a prospect is an unshakable competitive advantage.
  7. Clarify the value of each of your products and services by detailing the benefits in terms of your prospects’ interests.
  8. Give prospects a reason to buy from you today. What’s an added benefit or time-limited incentive you can use to prompt a purchase? Depending on what you’re selling, you could use something as simple as an added special report or as lavish as a paid three-day vacation.
  9. Provide pricing information in the context of your prospects’ interests. First get your prospects to detail what they want and then tell them the cost.
  10. Once a prospect becomes a client, keep giving them the marketing information they want. Continue to educate them about ways you can help them reach their goals and you’ll create even more opportunities to give them the products and services they want.

So that’s the secret of marketing that works. Put your prospects’ and your clients’ interests first and they’ll reward you with their business.

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