Building Your Own Business Gold Mine

Is the middle of the year already; so, I am filling generous. That is why I will be teaching you something I charged nothing less than 35,000 for. If you know, you know. So, I encourage you to make sure you follow us through the series of posts that follows.

I the coming posts, I will be teaching you can build your very own highly responsive list, consisting of the best type of prospects customers (willing to pay)!

It fascinates me even now as I write this, because I’m more than convinced that anyone can easily achieve this if done right. It doesn’t matter whether you fancy using other people’s products – acquiring the Resell Rights or you create your own digital products. Even if you don’t have to be technically savvy or own a membership site to achieve this, either!

Whichever way, it is your cup of tea, there’s a temperament for every marketer, but ultimately, I’ll be showing you how you can build your own list of responsive customers at a warp speed, in the fastest time possible, using ingenious methods not many had really thought of!

Today, it’s more than possible to actually build your own “virtual” gold mine from scratch, without having to join the early days of the Gold Rush. Just to offer you some ideas to start with, your neighbors or anyone with computer and Internet access can form your gold mine; so you can rake in cash over and over, and over again.

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You’ve guessed it: the best kind of gold mine today is customers! So, when I say building your own Gold mine – I mean, building your own customers. While a list is a group of people/customers you can call your own. You see, customers are the best kind of prospects to have because:

✓ They are ready to pay,

✓ They have the money to pay,

✓ And if they’re familiar with you and your business, they’ll likely return!

This is true because if you could make them trust you with their money for the first time, the chances of them returning is likely to be high. Evidently, many top marketers report that their customer lists bring in a sales conversion rate of 15-20%, and above!

The result: repeat customers = repeat sales!

Every time you have a new product to launch and sell, you don’t have to really look anywhere further than your own paid customers’ gold mine. That’s really worth building your business on!

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Now, this manual assumes that you have NO subscriber/customer list to start with; so if you follow any one of the two plans (of your choice) carefully, the end result should be that you own your own list of responsive customers (provided that you take action, please).

Before I get started, here’s a word of thought and caution as well: the concepts and techniques you are about to learn would require some guts (balls, courage, chutzpah, bravado, bravery, whatever you call it) on your part to carry them out.

I’d tell you in advance, that in effort of achieving your very own list of paid customers in the fastest time possible, you would be required to do some temporary sacrifices, one being the up-sell. But don’t get intimidated by this – as you read, you’ll discover why this is being the case.

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