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Shock-absorberSometimes in our life when we hit the pothole on the road to success. This often times inflicts on us some level of pains that are capable of changing our direction of life if care is not taken.

Have you ever traveled with a jeep without a good shock absorber? If yes, you will never want to travel the same road with another jeep without a good shock absorber. However, you will agree with me that traveling in a jeep on a rough road is one of the things that we enjoy and the reason is that our jeep has the right shock absorber.

That is exactly a good analogy of life. Sometimes we stumble on things which we do not prepare for and they inflict some level of pains on us that are capable of changing the cause of our life.

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A shock absorber is our ability to absorb and learn from failure. You see, there is no one without his or her own time of failure. Meanwhile, failure is actually nothing very special neither is it capable of changing the cause of our life on its own. I mean, failure is just a means to tell or communicate to us that we can still do better than what we have done. It is just a signal!!! How we respond to it, is what actually affect our lives.

Everyone who has done something remarkable today has once being a failure; but their positive response to failure made us celebrate them now. In the same vein, there are some people who did not respond too well to failure and what happen to them was not so good

Yes, you failed; and so what? Remember failure in its self is just a signal that can lead to great exploit if properly read, understood and managed. Every great man and woman you ever know was once a failure at one point or the other in their life.

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In fact, if you have never failed in business before it means you are not exploiting enough. This is in fact a failure on its own because you have no greater challenges and you are not dreaming BIG enough. Although, failure is never a good signal if not properly read. So, how do we interpret or manage failure to get the best out of it.

Five (5) Undisputed Ways to Properly Manage Failure

  1. Understand it’s a signal
  2. Understand you are not the only one
  3. Change your methods or design with new strategies but don’t change your destination
  4. Encourage yourself
  5. Start again and start better

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