Best Way To Pay Your Chinese Supplier From Nigeria Using Bitpesa (UPDATED)

Now that paying your Chinese supplier is war under sai baba regime. Gone are the days when you will just use your ATM to make payment online (this doe not work with most ATM anymore). That era is gone, bro! However, I am happy to tell you that with Bitpesa; you will be able to seamlessly send payment to your Chinese supplier in minutes.

BitPesa offers businesses and individuals a faster, more cost-effective way to send or receive payments between Africa and China.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Bitpesa

  1. China-Africa trade increased to more than $170 billion in 2013
  2. The cost of sending payments from Africa to China remains high
  3. Sending payments from Africa to China often take days

Using BitPesa’s digital platform, businesses can now send instant payments in local currency directly from local bank accounts to Chinese bank accounts.

BitPesa’s offers low-cost, instant payments from Nigerian Naira and Ugandan Shillings directly into Chinese Yuan. Businesses can now make easy payments for employees, distributors, or suppliers without using cash or the US dollar as a middle currency.

Another good news is that BitPesa has experienced a rise in transaction activity, particularly with global importers and exporters. African importers use for secure payout to their Chinese suppliers. At the same time, Chinese exporters have recommended the platform to African purchasers because of the built-in settlement automation.

BitPesa’s digital platform currently offers payments to, from, and within Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Going forward, the company will continue to open up major payment corridors to better serve the growing number of people doing business in Africa.

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