BEST Sales Method of Successful Entrepreneurs

Two decades before now – sales might be a game of number; but in today’s market – sales is no longer a game of number. In fact, it is possible you have the numbers and make no sales at all.

I have people say, sales is a game of number; the more people you are able to talk to the likelihood of you fining someone to buy your product. If that is actually the case there will be no reason for target audience. This method is also referred to as “mud against the wall”; by this, it means if you throw enough mud against the wall, somewhere, somehow, some of it will stick.

Yes, as true as that may be; there are times it will not work. This is because the approach of mud against the wall is about you talking your customers to buying, which everyone is already aware of. The method or approach does not even elude your potential customers – they knew about the method. So, the moment you start talking them to buying they know where you are going and they instantly lock up their mind because they know you are just interested in selling them your product.

Aside from the above mention methods of sales; someone once told me about another method – sales is a game of rejection. He said the more rejections you collect, the more sales you are likely to make. I am happy to tell you that this either is not always working, but there is one method that always works – pre-sale method. This is the process where you sell to your customers by asking them GENERAL questions that are related to your products INDIRECTLY then gradually lead them to a more SPECIFIC and DIRECT question relating to your products then CLOSE the sales. This method emphasizes that you try to help your prospective customers with your products after studying his or her present situation; instead of trying to sell your products – show your customers how your product will solve his present predicaments. Instead of talking to your prospective customer just ask logical questions!!!

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The good thing about this method – pre-sale, is that it helps you to help your customers to see reasons for buying the products rather than you dictating or prescribing to them as suggested by the other above sales methods. I will give you a practical example of this sales method and guide you through how it can be applied to your business. Irrespective of your niche; are you a web designer, web developer, makeup artist, teacher, engineers, proprietors, managers, marketers, nurse, cleaner, e.t.c

I am going to pick a makeup artist as an example and try to get you as my prospective client.

Don’t forget am a makeup artist and I came to meet you in a wedding occasion.

See my illustration bellow:

Me: good day ma…

You: good day

Me: I am . . . from so and so company

You: ok, how may I help you?

Me: I just want to tell you why how company help is mending home these days

You: mending homes? Aren’t you a makeup artist?

Me: yes, I am! But how our work is actually more than!

Me: do you know how many broken homes will have these days?

You: …No response or Many

Me: Do you know how many homes are breaking up every day?

You: …. No response or I don’t know

Me: Do you know how many homes are still going to breakup today?

You: ….No response or I don’t know

Me: Do you know that one of the reasons is actually the way the wife looks this day? Some women don’t care about the way they look after the wedding, and that goes along to affects their home. They believe they are married and no body about the way they look again – which is one of the greatest mistake our women are still making?

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You: … Yes, may you are right.

Me: The bad thing is that most of them do not even know that the real cause of their broken homes might be the way they look these days; or do you think they know?

You: …I don’t think so? I think you are right!

Me: That is why we are taking it upon ourselves to see what we can do to help our woman to win back their homes.

Me: You can always trust us for your makeup – here is my card, number or our office address.

You: …hmmm

However, this does not mean all your sales must always follow this trend neither will your sales always end like this; but the good news is that you will always win in most cases.

I hope you get this method? If you need a special post sales guide for your business; feel free to drop your comments and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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