How To Start Cheap Data Bundle Business In 2019

Quickly, let me show you what your price list will look like (This is the price you will be buying):

Please Note: I am going to teach you to sell at this price, and still make a profit. You won’t be buying from me; I will be showing you where and how I got the data – No holding back. I am going to tell you all that I know!!!

If you have been following Airtel new Ads; you will notice Airtel hammers more on data. Did you see the advert where Iya rambow was using old ways to do things , while the other woman was using latest technology. That is exactly what data does to your life. Data makes your life easier and fun; no wonder it sells more than Airtime. I can bet with you that some people can do a week without airtime on their phone, but can’t do a day without data. At least, I know more than 5 people like that; data means all to them.

You see, life is full of ups and downs; sometimes, we don’t get what we want, even with all our efforts. It is either we did not try enough or it is not just the right time. Meanwhile, there are times we don’t even ask before we get what we want or need. Such as today’s occasion!

Take Note…

Unfortunately, this post is not for you if you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme or you are looking for a loop hold in someone’s business that won’t exist tomorrow. Gone are those days where companies allow holes in their businesses. The second category of people who do not need to bother reading this post, are the WANT-IT-FREE-PEOPLE. If you are not ready to pay for the information I am ready to share with you today, why not zoom off? After all, it’s your life bro!

If you have been following the data business, you will understand that this business has been for more than 5 years – no cheats and no holes, all legit!!! Come to think of it, do you know people spend more on data nowadays that before? Do you know it’s possible to gain at least 10 – 8% or even more on all your recharge? Do you know you can also save more and earn by selling cheap data bundle? The possibilities of data bundle business are endless! Just like you know; EarnBase won’t write about it if we don’t teach it! So, in this post, I will teach you how you can become a GrandMaster in mobile data business – no holding back. Imagine the business, if I teach you how to sell 1 GIG of MTN data bundle for just N550 (Five Hundred and Fifty Naira only – some sell this between 600 – 700). Yes, you will still make a profit of N100 for selling at that price! That means, you will be buying from MTN for just N455; how cool is that?

Personally, I have been researching on this business for more than a year, and I must say, I have met a quite number of people – some of which are scammers. It is either they take your money and under deliver or don’t deliver at all. That was why it took me over a year to get the right source – tested and trusted. With my guide, you will save money and time; as I have done the hard work for you.

Probably you still don’t know why you need to start this business right away. To make things easier for you; I am going to give you 5 awesome reasons why you should consider this business. Especially if you are a youth!

Advantages of Starting a Data Bundle Business

  1. Huge market share
  2. Low startup capital
  3. No software needed
  4. No network failure
  5. Direct purchase from the Telecommunication
  6. Stable and Long time business opportunity (As long there is telecommunication; this business will exist.
  7. No need for android phone (Any phone will do this business)
  8. You can do this business from anywhere (School, Class Office, Church, On the road, e.t.c
  9. Steady income as there are always sales

Sometimes last year, I made a post on the complete guide on how to start a data bundle business, and several of you came to join the business. Somewhere along the line; I stopped giving out the information once I had 50 people, and because the method became obsolete – EarnBase don’t joke with deadlines.

However, I am not going to pretend as if this business has no downside, but to be frank; we have solved all the known downside for you – so, you are covered!

Downsides of starting a data bundle business

  1. Not getting enough buyers at a start: Chances are that you won’t have enough buyers to exhaust your data when you first started. Trust me, there is already a way around this!
  2. You Buyer’s data expires the same day as yours: Let me explain! This is definitely one of the common problems you will face as a newbie in this business. For example: When YOU successfully shared a portion of your data bundle to a BUYER (Beneficiary), the data shall expire on the same date as the originating data bundle.  I mean, if the Sponsor’s (YOU) originating bundle is a 30-day plan is expiring on the 1st of February 2019, then the Data Share created for the BUYER (Beneficiary) will also expire on 1st of February 2019; even if the BUYER buys on the 29th of January 2019. With my guide, this can’t be your problem; as we have also found a way around it! Isn’t that cool?

Everyone is selling Data; the bank, apps and telecommunication companies. So, why would anyone buy from me? You see, no matter how cheap their data is, it can’t be compared to what you will be selling as a third party data resellers.

Why would people buy from you?

  1. Your data is the cheapest
  2. You give 90 days’ service
  3. They get data within 5 minutes

Will the data work on all Device?

Yes, it will work on PC, Android, iPad, iPhones, Windows Phone, and car tracker sims in Nigeria.

Now pay attention…

It is important I tell you this; if you want to make profits from this business, you must not use airtime from Banks, ZOTO, or printed card. That is why I am going to introduce you to a trusted dealer to always buy your airtime. In this business, airtimes are sold in SLOT.

What is a slot? A slot simply means 10,000 airtime. With this dealer, you get the cheapest price for each telecommunication airtime.

A SLOT with MTN ranges from 9,000 – 9,400, instead of 10,000 – You won’t get this offer from MTN!

A SLOT with AIRTEL ranges from 8,300 – 9,000, instead of 10,000.

A SLOT with GLO ranges from 7,900 – 8,500, instead of 10,000.

A SLOT with 9MOBILE rages from 9,000 – 9,400, instead of 10,000.

Here is my offer!

I am giving just 50 people an opportunity to start this business with just 5,500

This eBook contains all you will need to get started!!!

Quickly, text your email to 08060023272 after payment

Bank Details:

First Bank

Account No: 2032848148

Account Name: Africhant Solutions


51 thoughts on “How To Start Cheap Data Bundle Business In 2019”

  1. I have interest in this business
    But I don’t know how to go about it
    I’m probably thinking of using an app I found out about
    Any help please?

  2. Pls which telecommunication is best for this VTU and data selling business of all networks?. Secondly, is there any commission for your agents?

    • I do not understand your question clearly. However, I think you want to know the prices of data. At the moment, the only one that as changed is the MTN data bundle, and here is the price.

      1gb 750

      2gb 1500

      3gb 2250

      4gb 3000

      5gb 3750

    • It’s unfortunate you were a victim of scam; as we all were once a victim. However, EarnBase is not a SCAM, but you don’t have to make any purchase until you are sure and convinced of what you are doing. Besides, you have 100% money back guarantee if it’s not what we promised; so, there is no reason to fear.

    • @Olakunle, it is not too late; as the material is evergreen. It teaches you how to do data business directly with the telecommunication industries.

  3. I am interested. But I observed that this was posted in January. This is June (with increased competition and the like). Can we now get the ebook cheaper pls?

  4. what’s the ebook all about?, do you mean i should transfer 5500 to the above account, and how will you know that i’ve paid? whats going to happen next

    • @Yusuf, the ebook teaches you how to start the data bundle business directly from the telecommunications. As for the transfer; I will know once payment is made, because I have online banking. I can always check real time. What happens next? I will deliver the ebook to your email.


  5. Good morning
    I’m considering starting a recharge card printing bid as an additional income source, what will I need to keen off?
    I have computer, printer, etc.
    How do I get the pin


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