5 Essential Secrets To Win Over Your Competitors

5 Essential Secrets To Win Over Your CompetitorsYes! its no longer news that running a successful business in times like this required more. A time when Naira is on the increase and the country’s economic state is unstable.

For quite some days now I have been studying about Dele Momodu, Dangote, Jack Ma and some notable billionaires. – my findings was proven and tested. The best way to the top is to ask people who have been there. A closer look at these people shows  us that they are on-top of their games.

Running a successful business is like playing a game and you must master the rules and tricks of a game; if you must win. Irrespective of the kind of business you are doing; today’s piece promises to be very helpful. If you will learn the rules of your game too well that success is certain then winning business is sure. These essential secrets are indeed tested, tried and proven.

Oh! did I say secrets?. The truth is that there are no business secrets anywhere. They might be secrets to you because you probable do not know about them or you failed to applied them. Anyway, quickly permit me to divulge to you the 5 essential secrets of top to win over your competitors.

  1. Competition is good: The first thing you need to know is that competition is good and your victory starts when you start having a winning attitude towards your competitors. You need to understand that competition will make a viable business environment for you and helps you to stay ontop of your business. The moment you start seeing competitors as threat you are loosing already. Successful business owners understood that competition has some advantages and positive and winning attitude is always the key.
    1. They help your business to know what works and what doesn’t: If your competitors are growing; learn and do what they are doing. if your competitors are not growing; they reject or don’t do what they are doing. it’s that simple!!!
    2. They create more markets for you: Your competitors will run advert and also have some bad days with their customers. Thereby leaving their customers to you.
    3. They gives direction: They help you to know what is happening in your business. Remember they are also keeping an eye on you.
  2. Always Follow Trends: Successful business people also understood that change is the only  thing constant. Dele Momodu said in his last interview with Amazon on AIT that he is learning and applying new things in the world of journalism. He also said that he is not leaving journalism too soon.
  3. Readers: The saying: ” readers are readers” still holds in business. If you want to be like Jack Ma, Dele Momodu; then you must learn to read good books.
  4. Good listener: If you want to succeed in business you must be a good listener. Always listen to the world around you because our world is fast changing; the people around you; your customers and clients; you must also learn to listen to your workers.
  5. Think Outside The Box: If you follow normalcy; then you are no ready for your real breakout. The world is actually waiting for people who are willing and ready to break business rules. It is only the innovative business owners that are going to succeed this time. Business owners who are willing and ready to do more than the normal. It is time you put on your thinking cap – think and think well.

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