Apply for GEM TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE Business Support for 18 – 60 years of Age


Submission is open for technical assistance support. Successful applicants will benefit from an array of capacity building training and supports.

Registration process

  • Click on the APPLY button
  • Fill the basic registration form
  • Check your email and click/copy and paste the activation link
  • Change your password and login
  • Fill the online Technical Assistance application form
  • Save and submit once completed.
  • Finally, check your email for confirmation

Application Eligibility Criteria

  • Turnover not less than N2,000,000 per annum.
  • Ineligible if you have benefited from other Government Grants.
  • Age limit of lower – 18 upper – 60 years.
  • The firm must have a minimum of 2 staff, excluding the business owner.
  • Ineligible if already a beneficiary of GEM services (Training, BDSPs, Skills placement Program).

Steps to Apply for GEM GRANT

Step 1: Log into BIG Portal

Step 2: Check your eligibility
Ensure that your business satisfy all the BIG eligibility criteria

Step 3: Apply online and receive an automatic response
The response will be an email. This email will provide you with a username and password for you to sign-up and register your business

Step 4: Web-based Questionnaire
Sign-in with your username and password to provide the required information in the registration form. This will take less than 10 minutes of your time.

Step 5: Successful applicants notified
Your application will be evaluated by the project team. All successfully registered businesses will be invited to attend an induction workshop within your location.

Step 6: Attend Induction Workshop

Step 7: Access BIG Services
Successful applicants will have access to a wide range of BIG Services including; Consulting, Training and Grants

 Other Important Notice

  • Important Note: Suppression of facts or furnishing misleading/false information or collusion will result in denial of the grant without assigning any reason. Also, note that you are required to retain the GEM sector and business description on this application throughout your participation on the programme
  • Declaration: I acknowledge and understand that I am only accessible to one grant on the programme, as such will not make further application to access another grant through other windows within the programme. I accept that the project will enforce full measures should it rely on any misleading information.

General terms and conditions

  1. The GEM Project chooses the winning projects on the basis of eligibility and selection criteria. It is the applicants’ responsibility to ensure that they have understood these criteria. They are set out in the Application Guidance Notes accompanying the initial Application Form for the Institutional and Innovative Market Grant competitions and on the BIG online platform for all other funding windows.
  2. Not everyone can be a winner in the GEM competitions. Please think about your application carefully, take note of the general eligibility criteria and the specific selection criteria applicable to the window you are applying under and demonstrate clearly why your firm needs GEM support.
  3. The GEM Project will acknowledge receipt of all applications received and provide standard letters of acceptance or rejection to all applicants.
  4. The GEM Project’s decision in making awards is final.
  5. Applicants who attempt to influence the selection process through offering or giving of bribes or any other unethical means will not only be disqualified but also subject to prosecution by relevant authorities. Applicants should also report with proof, any GEM project staff, consultant or official who demands for bribe or any form of compensation to influence selection.
  6. The GEM Project agrees to regard as confidential all information related to the application and subsequent progress of the project that is not in the public domain. Only the GEM Project, its staff and consultants, members of the GEM Selection Committees and officials of The World Bank will have access to your application without your prior permission.
  7. The GEM Project is not obliged to make any awards under any given competition.
  8. The GEM Project accepts applications in English only.

Click Here to Apply

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