38 Hottest Products to Import

What to import?

There are so many things you can import into Nigeria and the lists are endless; but I will take the load off you by listing some items here for you to take off. However, as a guide it is better to import things that are not produced locally.

Depending on what you are looking at anyway; if you are trying to import on a very small scale. I will advise you start with light weight items. This is going to reduce you shipping cost to a great extent. But if you are starting on a large scale then extra cost on heavy item importation shouldn’t be a barrier.

Here are the items you can start with:

  1. Belt
  2. Blenders
  3. Openers
  4. Children toys
  5. Digital cameras, flutes, mouth organs
  6. Digital wrist watches for kids
  7. Door bells/Rings
  8. Draw locks
  9. Electronic lighters
  10. Flash drives
  11. Jerseys
  12. Kids wear, suits, sets etc
  13. Lace materials, linen etc
  14. Ladies wears and under wears
  15. Laptops
  16. Memory cards
  17. Men and women suits
  18. Men underwear
  19. Microphones
  20. Picture frames
  21. Polo shirts for adults and kids
  22. Projectors and projection screens
  23. iPads
  24. iPhones
  25. Mobile phone accessories
  26. Earpiece
  27. Tablet PCs
  28. Teddy bears
  29. Engineering tools
  30. Towels
  31. Jewelries
  32. Artificial hair
  33. Eye glasses
  34. Universal modems
  35. USB Chargers
  36. Phone pouch
  37. Wrist watches
  38. Wedding dress

 Here are samples of the products I imported myself




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