9 Ultimate Questions For Every QuickTeller PayPoint Agent And It’s Commission Structure

I honestly do not know why you will go into any business without making profit. No wonder have received several mails, calls and whatsApp chat requesting how they are going to make money by being a QuickTeller PayPoint Agent.

I have good news for you if you are thinking of becoming a QuickTeller PayPoint Agent but worried on how to make profit. Today’s piece is going to be dedicated to how your profits are calculated as a QuickTeller PayPoint Agent. However, it is good you read my previous post on how to be a QuickTeller PayPoint Agent; here is the link in case you missed it.

I will make this post a question and answered post so that you can have clear understood of what is happening here. The questions have received is stated bellow:

Question 1: How much do I need to start this business (QuickTeller PayPoint Agent)?

Answer: You will need only TEN THOUSAND NAIRA to get started! This you will definitely increase on the long run, but it’s all you need for a START.

Question 2: What is the need for the TEN THOUSAND NAIRA?

Answer: That is the money used to found your account for you to start the business.

Question 3: Who owns the TEN THOUSAND NAIRA; me or QuickTeller?

Answer: You! This TEN THOUSAND NAIRA is completely your money! You can use it to start the business and make money with it before you start investing more into the business.

Question 4: Why do I need to invest TEN THOUSAND NAIRA?

Answer: It is the minimum you must invest for Quick Teller to know you are ready for the business.

Question 5: How do I make money by being a QuickTeller PayPoint Agent?

Answer: You make money through what is called CONVENIENCES FEE! This FREE is what you charge whenever you make any transactions. This CONVENIENCES FEE varies according to transaction:

  • From 1 – 5,000 the official convenience FEE is 100 but you can charge more if you want.
  • From 5,001 – 10,000 the official convenience FEE is 150 but you can charge more than that.
  • From 10,001 – 20,000 the official convenience FEE is 200 buy you can charge more than that.
  • Anything above 100,000 the official convenience FEE is 500 but you can charge more.

Question 6: What exactly is the CONVENIENCES FEE?

Answer: It is the extra FEE you charged over every transaction!

Question 7: What happens if the transaction FEE is around 35,000 or something different from the ranges started above?

Answer: You will be given a comprehensive list that carries all the related charges!

Question 8: Do I Completely own the Convenience FEE?

Answer: No!!! The Convenience FEE is sheared 50/50 between you and Quick Teller. E.g If you made a transaction of 5,000; your official conveniences FEE is 100. You will take 50 while Quick Teller takes 50.

Question 9: What happens if I charge more for the conveniences FEE?

Answer: You keep the extra while you and Quick Teller shear the normal Conveniences FEE.

34 thoughts on “9 Ultimate Questions For Every QuickTeller PayPoint Agent And It’s Commission Structure”

  1. I transferred #32,000 for a customer and #150 was charged as convenience fee.
    Also I need the comprehensive list that carries the relative charges. Tanks

    • Use, FirstMonie App instead. That is why you need to subscribe to our newsletter; so, you don’t miss any update.

  2. Is there a way one can monitor his transactions online incase the quickteller agent employ someone to carry out the service for him or her?

  3. Please for example customer approach me for DSTV subscription of 6300 how much would I suppose to charge him. Please .
    2: please can you help with the break down charges

    • @Mutairu, I am not sure; as Quickteller does all transaction via their mobile App. However, it’s a bad idea if you ask the company itself.

  4. Hi please how are withdrawals done on quickteller for agent. For exexamp if an agententwantsagtotwitwithd cashcfrom his or herhaccount how is it done.

  5. Thanks for the post. Does this convenient fee structure still stand or has there been any change? I noticed this article was posted in 2016. Has the convenient fee structure been changed?

    Thank you.

  6. Does it mean the agent can only carry out transaction to the maximum of amount he paid into Quick teller account even if his customer has fund in its own account.. For example if agent has deposit of =N=10,000 in it quicktellr account but a customer that has =N=30,000 in its bank account approach him for transfer of =N=20,000. he cannot do it.?

    • @Tijani, yes he won’t be able to perform the transaction because he does not have the equivalent in his account. If he must perform such transaction then he must fund his QuickTeller account.
      I hope this helps?

  7. can i operate more than one location within a local government or state at the same time i.e having more than 2 or more office or quick teller points.


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