Best Popular Juicing Ingredients With Huge Health Benefites

Lemon and limesNow comes the fun part. You have to start making awesome fruit juice now that is healthy and tasty. Don’t forget that the produce you choose to juice will really depend on your personal needs as well as what’s in season and available where you are.

Here Are Some Popular Juicing Ingredients:

Green Leaf Lettuces

green leaf lettuces

Leafy green lettuces are an excellent addition to your juices. They are abundant in vitamins, minerals, and protein — and are not offensive to the taste buds. The darker the green, the higher the mineral content, and the more intense the flavor of its juice.

If you want to reap the benefits of lettuce in your juice, but are skeptical of the taste, try juicing a combo of darker and lighter greens to balance out the flavor.

You can also use lettuce, like romaine to help balance out sharper tasting juices like ginger, fennel, garlic, and cilantro.



Ginger is a spicy root vegetable that can help add zest to your green juices. Sometimes adding ginger can flavor a juice well enough to eliminate to temptations to add sweeter fruits. Of course, anything that you can do to reduce your sugar intake will help promote optimum health.

Ginger relaxes the intestinal tract so it is very good for reducing nausea, gas and bloating. Studies have even shown that ginger’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties have helped reduce symptoms in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.



Garlic is one of those tastes that you may have to work up to when it comes to adding it to your juice. But again, since juice is so readily available to your cells, you never really need to drink too much of it at once.

Garlic has been known to have antibacterial and anti-microbial affects, enhance your immune system, eliminate heavy metals, and help balance cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and candida.

Buy fresh plump garlic for juicing. To juice it, simply peel the white papery skin and run a clove or two through your favorite juicer.



Fennel, like ginger, adds a certain spicy quality to your juice and can be a good addition if you wish to keep your juices more vegetable-based. Fennel tastes like black licorice and has been known to have many medicinal properties.

Besides being a digestive aid and useful in the reduction of gas, just like ginger – fennel also contains phytoestrogens which is especially useful to women during menopause.

When juicing fennel, use both the stem and the bulb. It does have a very intense flavor. If you’ve never had fennel or fennel juice before, do a taste test to determine how much of it you want to drink or if you need to add it to other juices.

Lemon and Limes

Lemon and limes

Lemons and Limes are a great way to sweeten your juice without raising blood sugar or feeding infections (yes, infections will feed on all of the sugars in your foods, even natural sugars).

Lemons and limes are very high in vitamin C and are great for assisting circulation and enhancing the skin.

You can juice the entire lemon or lime including the rind for the most nutritional benefit. Of course, this will create a more bitter flavor. If adding these citrus fruits to your juice, you can balance out the bitterness by adding something mellow like cucumber.



Cilantro has a fresh taste and also has metal chelating properties. This means that it can help your body detoxify from metals that may be stored from old dental amalgams or simply everyday life.

To best juice cilantro, you should use a twin gear or screw juicer, or simply blend in your blender, and strain. Other juicers will do the job, but won’t yield as much juice.



Cucumber is very mellow tasting and makes a great addition to most juices because it helps balance the taste of the more pungent tasting vegetables. Cucumbers are composed mostly of water and minerals like silica. This makes them especially hydrating and beneficial for gaining great skin.

You will want to juice the entire cucumber – skin, seeds and all, because most of the cucumber’s nutrition is stored in its skin.



Mint is very cooling and refreshing. You can add it to your juice to enhance the flavor and make your greens more palatable.

Juicing mint is much like cilantro and grasses. You want to use a very high quality juicer like the Twin Gear to get the most out of your juice. But, you can also just blend it and add it directly to your juices, or blend and strain it before adding it to other juices.

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