Make Huge Money Selling Fairly Used Laptops In Nigeria

fairly used laptop1The need for computers and electronic gargets is in the increase on a daily bases and the high rate of dollars at this time does not make things easier. However, if you are like me; who got married to laptop some years ago. You will realize there is little or nothing you can do without a system.

Over the years, I have used over 5 laptops from HP to Dell to Samsung and have sold over 73 laptops and 23 desktops computers on a part time bases. Selling laptops is not my primary job as I just find passion in the business because I like to use laptop.

On this note, I shall be discussing something you need to know, if you want to make huge money on buying and selling fairly used laptops. Peradventure, if you want cheap new laptops you can visit my post on eCommerce.

Enough of stories! Today’s piece is about how to buy and sell fairly used computer systems (desktop and laptops). Before you can start buying and selling fairly used laptops; you need to know the followings:

  1. What are the best laptop brands
  2. Where to get best fairly used laptop brands
  3. Understanding basic computer terms
  4. What to consider before buying
  5. How to negotiate

What Are the Best Fairly Used Laptop Brands

There are basically endless brands of laptops but there are some laptops that are not just good at fairly used while some brands are great at fairly use.

The following laptop brands are awesome in the fairly used market:

  • Dell
  • Hp
  • Lenovo

However, these fairly used laptop brands should be avoided:

  • Sony Vio
  • Accer
  • Samsung
  • Philips
  • Toshiba

Where to get best fairly used laptop brands in Nigeria

Though, there are might be hundreds of ways where you get fairly used laptops in Nigeria but here are my best places:

  • Ikeja (computer Village): This is the home of computers but new and fairly used.
  • Ladipo: you can get some reasonable price here too
  • Alaba: If you do not know Alaba; I will advise you stay at Ikeja. It is safer to business in Ikeja than Alaba. I am talking from experience.

Understanding basic computer terms

There are some terms that you must be familiar with before going into this business but these few are handy and very important. They are listed below:

  • Hard Drive: This is the capacity of your storage spaces. They are measured in Gigabytes and terabytes. The higher the gig or byte the cheaper it is. E.g 160 gig might be sold for 4,000 while 500gig is sold for 7,000.
  • Ram: This is the available space for working. By this, the higher the Ram the faster the system and vice versa.
  • CPU Speed/Processor Speed: The higher the speed the faster the system too.

So, before you buy any system make sure you ask the seller for the system configurations.

What to consider before buying a fairly used laptops

I have being in the business for quite some time now, and these guiding rules never failed not even once. Here are the things that you must consider when buying a fairly used laptops:

  1. The brand: As a rule; I do not buy any brand different from Dell, Hp and Lenovo. Though, Lenovo seems to be slower compared to the other two but it is very strong.
  2. The Neck/hinges: This is the area that holds your screen. I make sure that the neck of the fairly used laptop is firm and strong else no deal.
  3. Stay away from Celeron: I am sorry but I have never bought a Celeron laptop be it new of fairly used. This is because it is usually slower compared to Pentium. Secondly, it gets hot easily. Thirdly, it has poor graphics.
  4. Cleanliness: I am also concerned about the cleanliness of the laptop. Just because it’s a fairly used laptop does not mean it should be an eyesore.

How to negotiate for best prices

This might not be the same in your own country or area but in my own country Nigeria there is a way we negotiate. Before you start your negotiation make sure you have priced the same laptops in three or more places before you make your purchase. Another good trick is to tell the seller that you are a supplier and you want to buy at least 10 quantities of the same laptops but before the purchase of the 10 you need to buy a sample laptop to go and show your own buyer. This will make him to consider selling it for you at a cheaper rate.

I hope this helps. Please, feel free to leave comments bellow.

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