70 Ways To Promote Your product or Services

Why another article on traffic? It’s simple! Because, traffic is all you need to succeed when it comes to online business. Some internet marketers will sell this for nothing less than $50 because he has 50 ways of marketing, but I have made this 70 ways so far. Yes, there are so many ways in which one can promote, advertise or market his products but I have only 70 ways gathered here.  I promise to keep you posted on any update in the future; you can also leave a comment on the ones I might have missed.

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The truth being told; you can’t use all these methods. Some are too costly for many of us while others won’t work for others. That is why you must try as many as you like and find the ones that works for you and still to them.

Here they are:

  1. Street Jams/Carnival
  2. Direct to Consumers
  3. Party plan
  4. Rack Jobbers
  5. Wholesalers
  6. Mail Order House
  7. Resident Buyers
  8. Fairs and Exposition
  9. Chain Stores
  10. Discount Stores
  11. Lease Departments
  12. Supermarkets
  13. Free Publicity
  14. Sales People
  15. Franchising
  16. Co Party
  17. S. Government
  18. Direct Mail
  19. Co-op Mailing
  20. Trade shows
  21. Advertising Specialties
  22. Car Bill Advert
  23. Classifieds Ads In Papers
  24. Classifieds Ads In Magazine
  25. Classifieds Ads On the net
  26. Classifieds Ads In Special papers
  27. Articles
  28. Ezine
  29. Emails Marketing
  30. Sig files
  31. Radio
  32. Television
  33. Seminars (paid to You)
  34. Bill Boards
  35. Flyers
  36. Brochures
  37. Guest post
  38. Telephone
  39. Referrals
  40. eBooks
  41. Free Search Engines
  42. Paid Search Engines
  43. Post cards
  44. Yellow Page ad
  45. Cross Selling with others
  46. Joint Ventures
  47. Telemarketing
  48. Take out Boxes with ads on
  49. Posters
  50. Social Advert
  51. Booth at Mails or stand at mall
  52. Man or Women with sign about your business
  53. Window Display
  54. Outside Signs
  55. Forum Posting
  56. Articles for directories on the net
  57. Free downloads with ads about your business products or services
  58. Free Recording
  59. Free Video
  60. Free CD
  61. Free Report
  62. T-Shirt Customization
  63. Free Samples
  64. Special Events
  65. Contests and Sweepstakes
  66. Column in a Newspaper
  67. Editorial writing by you
  68. Free Phone Messages
  69. Bulk SMS
  70. Wrist band design

Please, leave comments bellow if have missed any. I hope this helps someone today!

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