7 (Seven) Proven Reasons Why People Go Into Entrepreneurship In Nigeria

7-seven-proven-reasons-why-people-go-into-entrepreneurship-in-nigeriaIt is high time we start fixing our (Nigerians) entrepreneurial mindset on doing the right things for the right reasons. Although, this will only be possible if we know why we are into entrepreneurship in the first place; you will agree with me that a journey without a cause leads nowhere! That is why have decided to put up this post; so that we know why and how to braze our self in this hard time – when entrepreneurship is even becoming very competitive. I don’t think I need to tell you that only the STRONG and DETERMINED will survive in times like this!

There are indeed different reasons for going into entrepreneurship; some of which are:

  1. Unemployment: Honestly, this is the top reason for entrepreneurship on my list. If you won’t mind taken some time to ask few entrepreneurs around you; you will discover that most of us are into entrepreneurship because we could not secure a befitting job. The truth is that some people will quit entrepreneurship once they can lay their hands on a good job that befits their standard. As this may appear to be a good reason to venture into entrepreneurship; it is always not the best!
  2. Under-employment: In this case; the individual is employed but he/she is under paid. I mean, he/she is not being rightfully engaged. Under-employment is when you have a Yoruba graduate working in the bank while you have a banker teaching Yoruba in secondary school. Thereby giving them the need to be on the look out to properly engage themselves.
  3. Love for Freedom: You probably won’t understand what it is to be FREE of you have never worked in the bank or have a relative that does. Most people came into entrepreneurship for the love of Freedom. The freedom to do what they want and go where they want at any chosen time.
  4. Time: The truth is that you do not own your time if you work for someone; that is why your boss is paying you. So, if you want to have your time; then you need to be an entrepreneur! This is another reason why people are rushing to being an entrepreneur. They want to have time with their family and love ones.
  5. Health: Health is indeed wealth! There are some jobs you were doing some years ago that you can’t do again! People who really care about their health are quitting working for others. However, this does not mean you have the money to foot medical be being an entrepreneur but you have enough rest to avoid so unnecessary sickness, because most of the health issues we have are because of stress and lack of rest.
  6. Economic Hardship: You will have a clear understanding of what economic hardship is if you are in Nigeria. The economic hardship in Nigeria at this moment is so serious that the rich are also afraid – no one is fortified! This is another reason why some people are rushing to being an entrepreneur.
  7. Government Policies: It is indeed true that government’s policies are made to favor the rich. This you will understand if you are close to the rich; that is why you see them having one business over the other. Being an entrepreneur, you enjoy some benefits over an employee! This is also another reason why some people are going into entrepreneurship.

I know there are still some other reasons why people are joining the train of entrepreneurship. Or what is your reason for being an entrepreneur? You are FREE to leave your thought bellow. Thanks!!!

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