10 Real Businesses You Can Do During The Raining Season

If you are a true business person; you shouldn’t be bordered by a news like this 240 -270 Days Of Raining IN Lagos in 2020

For quite some months now, I have been doing FanMilk business, and I must confess it’s a good business. Although, not without its flaws anyway. This is going to be a story for another day.

You see, doing this business made me understand somethings about seasoned businesses – they are very profitable. You know why? They solve pressing and obvious needs. For instance, during hot weather; you either take cold water, drink or yogurt; no wonder, these businesses are popular in Nigeria.

That said; if you are a good business person; you must always think ahead for opportunities. You see, if your business is not among the ones I will be mentioning; I encourage you to stop, read and consider any of this business.

Fortunately, most of these businesses do not require huge capital; so, there is no cause for alarm.

1. Selling Umbrella

Except you want to deceive yourself; the demand for umbrella during raining season is huge. Most especially the fashionable ones. So, if you are thinking what I am thinking; don’t you think it’s wise to start buying those umbrellas now, before April. Now that there is 240 days of predicted rainfall in Lagos?

2. Selling Raincoat

Umbrella is good, but not all rain can be curtailed by umbrella. There are some rains that will render your umbrella useless; if not even destroy it. That is why some people prefer raincoat; as this will cover you from head to toe. For instance, if you are on bike; your umbrella is useless, but your Raincoat is useful. Umbrella can only cover your head and shoulder, but raincoat will cover you and protect your clothes from wetness. Just buy raincoats on wholesale basis and start retailing them in your locality.

3. Selling of Rubber Boots

If you are the type that always wear leather shoes; you will understand how difficult and costly it is to wears leather shoes in the rain. This is why some people buys rubber boot to protect their feet, and when they get to their office or destination; they remove the rubber boot and wear their leather shoe.

In fact, a lot of roads and even houses in Nigeria do get muddy and flooded during the rains, and because of this, people need something extra to protect their feet. Just buy in wholesale and start selling – period.

4. Selling Sweater, head warmer or cap

During the raining season; people always need to cover up more securely because of the cold that comes with the rain. You can start selling sweaters, thick socks, shower caps etc. You can purchase the products in large quantities and sell to retail fashion shops and corporate offices.

5. Produce shower Caps for Ladies

Hair is part of beauty, and beautiful ladies understand this; so, most of them don’t joke with their hair. This is because beautifully coiffed hair gets easily damaged by the rain; so, ladies always to protect their hair using transparent, water resistant shower cap.

6. Selling Insecticide

Incase you don’t know; raining season is a season when insecticides are in hot demand. This is because damp environment provides a suitable breeding ground for pests of different kinds like ants, flies, cockroaches, bag worms etc. So, you can produce insecticide and start selling. You can learn how to make quality insecticide here…

7. Selling of Bean Cakes (Akara)

If you know you know. Bean cake is a breakfast staple in Nigeria, and a piping hot bean cake with pap always make an excellent breakfast or dinner during the raining season. Except you don’t know how to make it or you already have something better doing. Else, beans cake is a good business during raining season.

8. Selling Coffee

This is my best of all these businesses; you know why? This is because you will be given everything to start this business. Not that alone; coffee is already known, and accepted in Nigeria. Just make a payment of 50k, and you will get 5 pushcarts, customized cloths, cups, and some other sales materials. Another good thing about this business is that there are boys that will be selling for you; all you have to do is to get an shop and register with the company.

9. Doing Mey Tea (Tea Seller)

If you aren’t a northern; this might not be easy as people believed this business is for the northerners. That said; during raining season, there are lots of people who will love to take tea and bread but could not do so in their house because of time. This Aboki also sells indomie along with this business; if you are a full house wife; this is a business you should consider.

10. Selling Windscreen Wiper Blades

It is true that windscreen wiper blades are not often put to use when there is no rain, but very important during raining season.

Thus, a driver who doesn’t want to experience clouded vision will be compelled to change his or her wiper blades.

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