7 Practical Steps To Clean Dirty Tiles At Home, Work or Business

There are lots of things changing in the business world. The businesses that use to be the best before are no longer the same today. Why some new businesses are springing up presenting new opportunists to early adapters. That is why it is becoming imperatively difficult for business owners who resist business change.

I was speaking to a friend lately and when I asked him what she’s doing; she said cleaning. I was like… cleaning? If you are like me, who came from an average family; you will understand that every member of the family is already a cleaner as there are no extra cash to dash out. But that is not the case today!

There are more than enough reasons why you should take this training very seriously. One of which is to make some extra cash to help yourself and your family. It will also be a very handy skill for mothers as most houses are now with tiles. Singles and couples of today want to live in a well tiles apartment while People are getting busy every day and as such don’t have the time to do the basic cleaning. All these and many more reasons make tiles cleaning a good, cool and profitable business. As a matter of fact, I know some people who earn a living with this. So, don’t joke with this!


Step 1: Saturate the floor or tiles with a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and water

Step 2: Scrape off unwanted particles on the tiles and scrub the tiles with clean brush

Step 3: Sweep and vacuum the floor
You soft brush sweeper to sweep the tiles and then vacuum some parts which the soft brush cannot touch

Step 4: Mop the floor thoroughly with clean water, salt, and detergent
Make sure you only stop mopping when the floor surface is clean and make sure the floor is dried then…

Step 5: Applying the mixture of scouring powder and warm water on the floor where the stain is tough
Now implement the solution ( a mixture of scouring powder and warm water) on the floor with a cleaning mop for like 10 minutes. Make sure you concentrate more on the affected area!

Step 6: Clean the tiles with a steam cleaner
This is the last step to get back your tiles. Use a steam cleaner paying more attention to any stained area. Wipe any dry the floor after steam cleaning!

Step 7: Polish and Buff the tiles
It is not a must you do this, but it’s necessary for a perfect job! This is because Buffers are usually very expensive to get, but you may need to hire one from a cleaning store around you.

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