7 Awesome Reasons You Should Start Making Your Own Home Made Natural Shampoo

There are hundreds of shampoos on the market and each one of them promises to leave your hair shinier, softer and more beautiful than the rest. Realistically though, these shampoos rarely live up to their lofty promises, and in fact, for a number of reasons that we’ll go into in this article, by far the best option is to simply make your own home made natural shampoos.

While the vast majority of us grow up believing that using store-bought shampoos is the only option, it ’ s never too late to understand that there is actually a better alternative. After thoroughly investigating store-bought shampoos, I highly recommend you give making your own toxin-free, natural homemade shampoos a try, as these products are far better for your hair, your health, and the environment.

You’re probably wondering why you should spend the extra time and energy to make your own shampoos when you can easily grab a bottle off the shelf in your local supermarket? Well, here’s a rundown of facts that will help you understand why homemade shampoos are most definitely better than the shampoos bought in store!

1. Natural homemade shampoos take fantastic care of your hair. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t necessary to wash our hair with chemical shampoo every day. However, when you begin using homemade shampoos you’ll notice that your hair will look healthier and that the right amount of protective natural oils will remain intact.

2. You can make natural homemade shampoos in small amounts and keep them in non-polluting, reusable containers until you need them. Although a regular shampoo container can be used to store your homemade shampoos, but the best way of storing them is in glass containers. The reason for this is that glass is inert – meaning no chemicals can leach out into your shampoos.

3. Store-bought shampoos are often full of potentially cancer-causing chemicals. As we are all well aware, cancer is a truly awful disease! Therefore it’s important that we do whatever we can in order to reduce the risk of ever suffering from this terrible condition. Most commercial shampoos also contain vast amounts of sulfates and parabens that may poison the scalp and the kidneys, and could also play a part in the onset of allergies.

4. Natural homemade shampoos are packed full of natural goodness . A lot of people are going organic these days when it comes to their diets. While it’s important to be concerned about what we eat and drink, it’s also important to think about what we are applying to other parts of our bodies. When we use natural products on our hair, we don’t only look good, we can also be sure that we’ll feel good, too. Some of the wonderful ingredients that we can use in our natural homemade shampoos include:

5. Natural homemade shampoos are fragrant without being overpowering. As mentioned earlier, small particles of the harsh chemicals used in commercial shampoos can irritate your hair and scalp, but in addition, they can also play havoc with your nostrils. You can even make a variety of shampoos with different scents and then select the one which best suits you at the time of washing your hair; an invigorating fragrance to freshen you up.

6. Natural homemade shampoos may help you feel better. For all these years, you’ve been introducing toxic compounds to your body via your scalp on daily basis. While we may not be aware of the effects this is having on us, it’s very possible that over the years the chemicals in our shampoos have built up in our systems and played a part in leaving us susceptible to illness. When we start making our own healthy shampoos, we are able to let go of this worrying thought; as we know that we’re using nothing but natural, health-promoting ingredients to clean our hair and scalp.

7. Natural homemade shampoos are less expensive than store-bought shampoos, and they’re fun to make! Going the DIY route is favored by many, not only because of the aforementioned benefits, but simply because it’s such a good fun! Instead of going to the store and spending over the odds for a bottle of mystery-soap, you can spend an enjoyable morning or afternoon making your own natural products. And when you have a little more experience you can experiment by mixing and matching ingredients to find the combinations that are best suited to you, meaning you’ll be creating your very own, one-of-a-kind hair care products!

Now that you’ve seen reasons you should try making your own homemade shampoos. Homemade shampoos aren’t just good for you, they’re also great for the environment, giving you the peace of mind that, in a small way at least, you’re contributing to making the world a slightly less toxic place.

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