5 Ways To Make Money As A Movie Lover

Happy new year, earnbasers; as this year is going to be one of our best years. On a good note, I will be talking about some work series this year, and I want you to make sure you try them out. Some of the titles of these series will be; 5 businesses you can do as a teacher in Nigeria, 5 businesses you can start without money e.t.c Mind you, some of the businesses that works last year might probably not work this year; so, I encourage get prepared for something new this year.

Today, I will be sharing with you 5 ways to make moeny as a movie lover. You see, we are all social animals, and as such, there is a bit of everyone that likes watching movies – no doubt. That is the bases for this business. So, below are the businesses you can start as a movie lover.

  1. Start a YouTube Channel For Movies Reviews: Starting a YouTube channel can be challenging, but things can be very interesting if you are a true movie lover. You can create a channel that reviews movies; so, that people can easily decide on what movie to watch base on your reviews. Over time, you will start seeing movie companies advertising on your channel, which in turn will start earning you some money.
  2. You Can Create a YouTube Channel For Movies: If you have not downloaded movies on YouTube before; kindly raise your hand… none? Lol. You see, there are lots of people making a living by just uploading movies on YouTube, and you can also do the same. This does not cost you a dime, except data subscription.
  3. You Can Create A Facebook Group For Movies Updates: If you are a lover of Zeeworld, you will agree with me that a group on it series update will be a good thing. If you like, you can just create a group that gives updates on Korean movies.
  4. You Can Create An Instagram Page That Discuss Movies Actors And Actresses: This is another good trending business, as everybody likes to be updated on what is happening about their favorite actors and movies’ stars.
  5. You Can Start A YouTube Channel Showing Funny Movies: If you are a true movie lovers; you will have noticed some scenes that are very funny. You can cut out those scenes and create a YouTube channel for that.

The opportunities for movies lovers on YouTube are endless; just make sure you put your creativity to test, and you will be grateful you did.

You can leave your questions or contributions in the comment box below. I hope this helps someone.

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