5 Awesome Features LindaIkejiSocial’s Developer Should Consider Urgently

linda-ikeji-socialYes, I love this platform for different reasons (the FREE 20,000 lol); one of which is the business aspect. LindaIkejiSocial is barely one week old and lots as being happening on the platform. I must confess, this platform has some cool features; though there are some similarities between Facebook and LindaIkejiSoacial but honestly, there are lots of differences both in designs and in features. This will be another discussion for another day! I think we need to start giving suggestions to the developer of LindaIkejiSocial (LIS); so that LIS will be better for us all.

It is important that LindaIkejiSocial (LIS) developer knows that Nigerians are already used to Facebook and Facebook advert. So, if any other social media is coming up; it should be at least of the same standard with Facebook if not more but not less.

Though, if you take your time on this platform (LIS); you will get addicted in no time, but honestly LindaIkejiSocial (LIS) still have a long way to go – together we will get there. So, today I shall be talking about some features that LindaIkejiSocial’s developer should consider implementing as a matter of urgency.

  1. Ability to invite friends from all other social media(Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Though this feature were available but they are not working. I felt, the developer should quickly fix this issue as it will help to encourage LIS users. It is not easy to start looking for friends on LIS to follow.
  2. Ability to identify people that did not follow back: Honestly speaking, this seems to be the most important features of all – ability to unfollow those who don’t follow back. I do not kmow why I’ll follow you and you will refuse to follow back. Though, this is very common in all social media; but have been greatly controlled.
  3. Inability to upload pictures directly: This feature is not yet available and it is very important. The only place you can get picture into your LindaIkejiSocial (LIS) picture folder is through an update; which I think can be better. Why do I need to post something each time I need to upload a picture? Can’t I upload a picture into my LIS without writing a post. For example, lets say I want to upload Nigeria flag into my LIS. I felt I should be able to do this by going to ‘picture’ in my profile and get the picture uploaded but unfortunately; this is not the case.
  4. The Advert section is not working: people have no data to waste one Facebook not to talk of LIS. If it’s not making money it’s not making brain. Why I love LIS is because of its ability to promote our business in Niara. This will at least reduce the attention on Dollar and other foreign currencies – I hope it will be cheaper when compare to Facebook advert anyway.
  5. Ability to share post: This is another IMPORTANT feature that LIS developer have completely left out. On LIS you can’t share friends or follower post. This feature is very important because of its viral ability; a post shared has high viral ability. It is a very important feature that needs urgent fixing.

Lastly, I encourage every LIS users to do our best to promote our own LIS – this is NIGERIA MADE. If there is any feature you will like to be included; why not state them below. You can leave your comment bellow.

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