5 Signs That You May Remain An Employee FOREVER

It is true that working for someone can only make you rich but not wealthy. If you want to be wealthy; you need to start working for yourself. Even after this fact; it is unfortunately that some people will never be able to work for themselves. Not because they are not willing, but because they carry some traits that are only present in Employee – you can never be an employer with any of these characters.

I know starting a business hurts, that’s why I do not expect everyone to be an entrepreneur. But for those who desire to be an entrepreneur; you must GET RID of any of the following traits.

  1. Hating To Sale: The truth is that if you must be an entrepreneur, you must love SELLING; Because the money is in the SALES. Look at every BIG business you can think of; there is something very common among them which is selling! From Amazon to Facebook and from Jumia to Konga; the market game is a game of SALES! Sir/Ma, if you must make money, you must LOVE SELLING – period!
  2. Impatient: Over my years of experience; I have met a lot of different aspiring entrepreneurs. Some people don’t even know that building a business is like raising a child. Is it the same day you gave birth to a child that he starts walking? No! Some processes must just be followed to the letter; he needs to learn how to move his body, to crawl and later to talk e.t.c that is just the same way it is in business; you can’t jump some steps. I understood patience is a virtue not given to everyone; that is why you need to know impatient people can’t be an entrepreneur.
  3. Waiting for instructions (Indecision): It is better to just stay as an employee if you know you cannot think outside the box and take actions. Some of which may be absurd and questionable – that is why you an employer. The truth is that some people are wired to be an employee. They cannot do anything on their own except they are being instructed to do so. You here; Oga said we should do it like that. I am not saying we shouldn’t take to corrections
  4. Playing too safe: they are too careful to try anything new; including leaving their comfort ZONE. They will want to be successful as an entrepreneur without leaving their present job. They are always too careful of making mistakes. They always stick to what they have and that alone! Am sorry, the journey of entrepreneurship is not like that bro.
  5. FREE Money: they don’t want to work for money; they love FREE money! That is why you see them wishing to earn more than their boss without doing the needful. Some of them even get angry when their boss makes so much money but still pays him the agreed salary. I have seen someone who left his job because his BOSS got a contract of 5 million and could not even give him 150,000. Bro., if you want such money; why not try and own a business?

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