5 Reasons Why You’ll Never Be a Millionaire And Their Solutions

5 Reasons Why You Will Never Be a Millionaire And Their SolutionsIf you have ever had the opportunity of meeting a millionaire and also privilege to ask them if you can also be a millionaire. They will tell you being a millionaire is no big deal as their are tested and trusted rules to achieving exactly that. Though, everybody loves and dreams of becoming a millionaire but the truth is that very few who are willing and able to summon the huddles of becoming a millionaire eventually record success. It is also important to note that there are not secrets to becoming a millionaire.

However, the truth is that Unless, of course, you can overcome the following huddles stopping you from achieving millionaire status you are going no where. Each huddle below also offers an “immediate action step” to help you overcome the things holding you back. Let’s get started.

  1. Spending more than you earn: This is no longer a news if you have ever made any effort to becoming financially independents. This is one of the first rule to becoming a millionaire; you must spend less than you earn. the moment you start spending more than what you earn. then you are on your way to penury or hardship. Solution: make sure you spend less than you earn.
  2. Stop learning: There is a saying that says: learning is living. That is why you must keep learning as far as you are still living. The moment you stops learning then you stop growing and the moment you stop growing you start dying. Always remember that he who will not read is not better than he who cannot read. Solution: make sure you find time to read in your business schedule because reading is an act of the wealthy.
  3. Buying liabilities and not assets: It as become a norm now seeing guys using three phones; even when they do not have a gob that guarantee stable income. They spend their money on things that gives them instant gratification and refuse to  buy assets. These sets of people love to live fake life and they will do anything to look expensive. Solution: Buy assets and not liabilities!!!
  4. Working for money: The nicked truth is that you can’t be wealthy working  learn to make your money work for you.for money. if you must be a millionaire they you must learn to make your, money work for you. Solution: invest your money wisely.
  5. Not taking actions: Yes, you have learnt so much but you refuse to take action and put what you have larn’t into practice. You will agree with me that one action is better than 10,000 good intensions. Solution: stop planning and start implement.

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