5 Awesome Reasons Why MMM Is Better Than Sport Betting


I am not an hater! lol… I just want to pick out some points why I think MMM (Pozi scheme) is better that sport betting or any form of gambling. If you look closely; you will notice some noise about MMM, ZARFUND and iCHARITY to mention but few.

The Federal Government is making serious effort to kill this business MMM but if such campaign and efforts are channeled toward the development of this country things would have been better for us all. So many individual put up sponsor ads on social media to air the danger in MMM – abeg, what is actually their issue? This is because even on MMM website you can read CLEARLY that you should not use MONEY you can’t LOOSE; what next?

It really amazes me when I see radio presenters talking about MMM without anybody sponsoring them, but if you go to them to promote your new business they will tell you to bring 25,000 for 5 minutes advert yet they spent 30 minutes or more talking about MMM. If won’t surprise me if some of them are even into MMM! Yes, MMM won’t live forever; it has come and it will go like every others.

There are other important issues that we should be discussing as a country instead of wasting our resourcing on MMM! Have you come to think of other businesses deadly than MMM? And nobody is talking about them! What of FX – I know some people who lose everything they have to FX and yet no single campaign from the Federal Government again FX. What of Sport Betting? Today, I will be talking about 5 awesome reasons why MMM is better than sport betting.

5 Awesome Reasons Why MMM Is Better Than Sport Betting

  1. You Know The End From The Beginning: With MMM you are more likely to win than when you do sport betting. There are so many factors that decide your wining when it comes to sport betting.
  2. You Can Only Fail Once In MMM: If you fail with sport betting you will probably bet again and again and again but if you fail in MMM you quit as you can’t fail more than once.
  3. You Can’t Be Scammed More Than Once: Let us assume that MMM crashes today; except you have multiple accounts which was against MMM policy but with betting you can lose several times.
  4. MMM is Less Risky Compared To Sport Betting: With MMM you know you have 30 days to wait and you can’t lose more than what you have invested but in betting you can keep losing every day for the next 30 days.
  5. Betting Kills Moral: Do you know that sport betting kills your moral faster than MMM? This is because you will probably lose more frequently with sport betting than MMM.

I am not saying MMM is the best or something you should invest, but honestly MMM is better than Sport Betting. Football betting makes a person believe that if you lose money that you’re a failure and vise versa.

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