5 Reasons To Acquire Entrepreneurial Skills In Nigeria

There are so many things that are peculiar to different countries. There are some countries where their citizens do not have to worry about their future, because their Governments does that for them. E.g Dubai, Canada e.t.c Unfortunately, we are not so lucky in Nigeria; as we are not blessed with such Government.

5 Reasons To Acquire Entrepreneurial Skills In Nigeria

Before I go into details; it is important to know that starting one’s business is never an easy task. Just the same way it is not easy to seek for jobs. So, choose wisely!

  1. You Can Plan For Yourself: This is ultimately one of the major reasons to acquire entrepreneurial skills; as you will be able to develop a plan for yourself and your family. Remember, planning is one of the attributes of a good entrepreneur.
  2. You See Opportunities In All Challenges: Another reason to acquire entrepreneurial skill in Nigeria is to develop your problem-solving ability. As an entrepreneur, you will always see opportunities in everything.
  3. Job Security: If you have ever worked in the bank or any private organization, you will understand the meaning of job security. For the sake of clarity, this is the situation whereby you can decide how long you will stay in a company. There have been many cases when people resume to work on a Monday morning, just to receive a sack letter. But if the business is yours; it simply means, as long as you live the business lives.
  4. Ability To Make A Direct Decision: If you are an entrepreneur, you have the ability to make a direct decision that affects your business; irrespective of what others think. But if the business is not yours, no matter how good your decision or choice is; you there not decide without the consent of the owner. However, some decisions are immediate.
  5. Self-serving: Don’t mind my grammar. But there is this fulfillment that comes when you work for yourself. Even if you have to work all through the night; you have the feeling that you are serving yourself.

There are so many reasons to consider being an entrepreneur; so, you can add yours to the list via the comment box below.

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