These 5 Reasons Made Dele Momodu A Successful Journalist

Dele-Momodu1I have been following Dele Momodu for quit some time now because I want to know why he is successful. There is a saying that says that if you want to go to the TOP ask those who are coming down – they were there before and they know the way.

Dele Momodu is from a poor background from the notable Ile Ife. He was also the only child of his parent with both parent uneducated. In fact, Mr Dele Momodu says his mother could not speak one line of English but that is not where we are going today. You can read more about Dele Momodu’s biography here.

This is not a quick write-up as it took me more than 7 months to put all these together. After series of study and research about Dele Momodu for over 7 months I found 5 reasons why Dele Momodu became a successful Journalist.

  1. He Listens To Advice: Not everyone listened to advice; most importantly when it comes to business but Dele Momodu was different. If you know him or have heard any of his interviews; you will notice virtually all his businesses were as a result of an advise given to him from his friends. Even his present Ovation publication was not different!
  2. Hates Being Idle Even When Jobless: No wonder he is successful. Dele Momodu resigned as an editor an took up a job from a bakery because he doesn’t want to be jobless. Now, you will see some young people who have what they could do but will chose to be lazy and idle. Just like the Bible says; see a man deligent in his work’ he shall stand before kings and not mean men.
  3. He Was Never Ashamed Of Work: I personally know some people who won’t do some jobs because it was not their dream job. They want to be a banker and if there is no banking job they will rather be idle than to take up sales or marketing job. As for Dele Momodu, he can do any kind of job while growing up except STEALING and YAHOO. lol
  4. He Is Always Good At Sporting Opportunities: Everything businesses he has done was as a result of sporting opportunities. He had the ability to identify opportunity when he sees one. That it the way entrepreneur see things. Always on the look for opportunities.
  5. He Had Mentors: You see, most of the problems we encounter as a young entrepreneur would have be solved if we had mentors. Most young entrepreneur failed in the area of having a mentor; they believe they can get it done themselves. Instead of making progress they were only re-venting the wheel. Every successful entrepreneur always have a mentor. You will need one! Here are some of the mentors of Dele Momodu:
    1. Wole Shoyinka
    2. Chinua Achebe
    3. Twia Ike Ama
    4. kofi awoonor
    5. Ngugi wa Thiong’o

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