5 Lessons I learnt As A Young Entrepreneur

5 Lessons I learnt As A Young EntrepreneurToday’s piece is going to be very interesting as it’s going to be a summary of my personal experience over the years as a young entrepreneur. Honestly speaking, it is not easy to be an entrepreneur; whoever tells you otherwise is a liar.

As a young entrepreneur; there are lots of things you must learn and be able to do to cut cost.  You will be the manager, accountant,  marketer,  sales rep, logistics and many more – only you.  In addition to these you will also have to learn lots of skills to stay in line with what is going on in the business world. Personally,  I have learnt over 17skills in businesses and still learning.

When I started my entrepreneurial journey some years back;  I hate anything marketing or sales.  However,  it does not take me forever to learn them both when I realized my business success rely on them. Nevertheless,  I think it will be a nice idea if I can just state out some things I have learnt as a young entrepreneur for us all to learn from.  Who knows this might be helpful to someone out there.

Though,  my journey to the world of entrepreneur was not the type that started on a royal path; rather it was a rough beginning! Just like many of us. Quickly, here are five things I have learnt as a young entrepreneur!

  1. You Become Better As You Progress: one of the good things about being an entrepreneur is that you don’t have to be an expert before you can start this journey. In fact,  if you are starting as an expert;  there will be little or no success for you to record. This is because there are somethings that other cannot teach you.  You must learn them yourself, and the good thing is that you can’t learn if you haven’t started! Whatever,  might be your area of interest; you only need the basics to get started because you cannot learn all before starting out. Some things are just left to be taught when you get started – period!
  2. Williness To Learn: here is another thing I learnt everyday in my journey as a young entrepreneur – willingness to learn.  Often times you will come across people who know more than you do.  In cases like that;  just be humble and be willing to learn at the foot of the master. Learning sometimes might require you to swallow your pride and forego your ego. But I think that is OK as you will be better off than before. Always be willing and ready to learn; there is no short cut bro!
  3. Be Welcoming And Approciable: people wants to relate with you; if you have access their money they must also have access to you. There is no successful entrepreneur who is not welcoming!  People must feel comfortable with you.  They must be able to tell you what and what they need or want.  That is just the way business runs.  There are so much competition out there every minutes and if you must win you must win from their heart first.
  4. Don’t Trust Anyone Except They Earn It: Did I just said that?  Yes!  In business as in life you don’t get what you deserve; you only get what you negotiate.  This is a very important philosophy of my business.  Deal with everyone with caution except the proof otherwise.  Let me tell you my personal story here.  I am very quick to trusting people.  I remember when someone came to my office to pick my DVD – Coral Draw @ Ease. Before he came around he called me and we were connection on phone till he got to my office.  After so much questions and answers; I handle d my DVD to him just for him to tell me he will be paying me in two days time.  I was shocked and couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  Do you mean you cled me and came here without my money?  What happens if I don’t agree to this your request?  Anyway, I trusted him;  he went with with the DVDs and till today have not heard from him. So,  many cases if such instances of foolishness displayed by me.  Don’t ever trust anybody in business except the earn your trust – shikena!
  5. Stay Positive: Do you remember this line of 2face song?  “some People we say things that will cut like aknife… ” That is just the way it is in business.  Some people will just hate you and your business for no reason. Maybe because they are your competitors or they are just jealous.  TheWe kind of people are every where.  You may be very unlucky to have one in your family or close associate. Whenever you see there set of people just IGNORE them! Don’t ever be moved by their words and don’t reply or respond to their words.  You remember Buhari and Fayose of Ekiti; just ignore them like sai baba did. Except it is a question on your integrity; then you can answer them.  Remember the Bible says we should answer a fool so that he won’t think he is wise.

These the five things have learnt as a young entrepreneur in Nigeria.  If you have any personal experience or contribution please leave it as a comment below.

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