5 Lessons I Learnt From ATM Queue As It Applies To Entrepreneurship And Business


Sometimes we need to start picking out some lessons in what we think is right. You see, some people are where they are today because they believed some certain things said by some certain people. That is why lots of people are stagnant and handicap because of the information they chose to believe. No wonder the Bible admonishes us to test all spirit to determine and know which one is true.

However, there is a habit of mine that I love so much; which is seeking to learn new thing every day and every time. This has helped me greatly in life, business and relationship. This helps me achieved so much in this short period of time. How do I mean? Please, read on…

Nigeria going cashless starting with a state like Lagos enhances the use of ATM; as you will be charge for withdrawing money over the counter with most Banks lately. It is truth that we all go to Bank, use the ATM but very few of us learn from the ATM Queue. Do you know there is a great relationship between what happens on the Queue and real live business?

In today’s piece I have decided to write something very revealing and interesting lessons have learnt over the years by Queuing to use the ATM.

  1. Impatient: Have you noticed some people leaving the Queue to another Queue just because the former was not moving as expected? And the moment they leave the Queue the line start moving! That is just the same thing that happens in business and in real live. Some people quits their business for another business at the point of break through; business needs patient just like on the ATM Queue.
  2. InDecision: This as happened to me several times! I remember sometimes when I’ll go to the bank and use the bank several times because I was indecisive of the exact amount I need.  Just in business; some people goes into business with indecision which incapacitate them in taken viable decisions that greatly affects their business. Just in business; you need to be able to take the right DECISION at the RIGHT time – this is very important.
  3. Fear of Embarrassment: Some people don’t even try using a FREE AVAILABLE ATM not because they were told not to use it; but because they were afraid of what people will say. That is just the same way it is in business; some people won’t even try the business just because they are afraid of what people will say. They are so much concerned about what people will say than fulfilling destiny. Little did they know that there is no business without embarrassment.
  4. Believing The Frontier (person standing before you on the Queue): I have witness several cases when people won’t try to use an Available ATM just because the person before them said it’s not working. They won’t even question the bases of the information. Like, have you tried it sir? What was the error message displayed sir? Have anybody, withdrew from the ATM today? They just believed him/her blindly! Just because the person before them tried and failed doesn’t mean you won’t win. Some people won’t try going into a business because a friend or a pastor told him not to venture into it. He won’t even ask if the person have done the business before or not. Even if he has done it before; that is not an assurance that his words are final. He may have done some things wrong you know.
  5.  Pride and Ignorance: This happens always! If you are proud; then you are limited in knowledge – Ignorance. Imagine someone who could not use the ATM but got there and refuse to request for help because he/she was PROUD. That is the exact way it happens in business; some people are just too PROUD to seek help. Remember, somebody already walked that road before you. So, it is always wise for you to ask for direction from people who already walked that way.

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