5 Differences Between iCharity and Helping Hands International

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Today, I will elucidate more on the differences between iCharity and HelpingHandsInternational. Unfortunately, some people are just going to understand this post on argumentation bases. Meanwhile, it is indeed true that this post is going to open your eye on what is what in the Networking business. At this point, it is important we get our facts right!

However, let me quickly divulge to you that I do not belong to any of these NETWORKS – either iCharity or H2i (Helping Hands International). So, for those who thinks every write-up on networking business is to seek down-lines; you may have to rethink here.

What is iCharity?

iCharity (International Charity) is an International network of donors. It is a PEER-TO-PEER DONATION PLATFORM for members to help other members in a systematic way. By using this platform, members can give and receive donations from each other.

What is Helping Hands International (H2I)?

Helping-Hand-International is an EMPOWERMENT BASED membership program, a global empowerment opportunity born out of passion for helping the less privilege.

Maybe, I will start from the obvious, if you look at the definition of both networks you will realize that one was designed purely for making money while the other was designed for helping people through empowerment.

A closer look at both definitions also depicts something very important; iCharity does not offer any products or services while Helping hands international EMPOWERS!

Just like I have said earlier; I do not belong to any of these NETWORKS but have seen them all in action. Fortunately,  I have quite a number of friends in both networks. Personally, have witnessed some programs organized by Helping Hands International and I know some of you can bare me witness. These are few obvious differences. So, let’s go to the major differences between iCharity and Helping Hand International

5 Differences Between iCharity and Helping Hands International

  • iCharity website is not as detailed as Helping Hands International website.

  • iCharity has not physical address while Helping Hands International does.

  • iCharity has not PHONE number or EMAIL incase in case of any unfortunate scene while Helping Hands International does. Is like iCharity was prepared and designed to crash!
  • iCharity silently talks about their inevitable crash: “In the unlikely event that this program should ever terminate it’s operations, it’s creator, operators, employees, assigns and successors shall not be held liable for any loss whatsoever to our members.” While Helping Hands International has no statement in their terms and condition.

  • iCharity is a PONZI scheme while Helping Hands International is not. If you like to know more about PONZI scheme click here

There are so many differences between iCharity and Helping Hands International but I will love to stop here. Both websites have been included here for personal considerations and claims verifications.


Helping Hands International

I hope this save someone today!

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