5 Businesses You Can Start without Capital In Nigeria

It is true that starting some businesses require capital, but I will be sharing with you today top 5 businesses you can start without capital in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, this is Nigeria, where a local government takes over a million naira every month in allowance; while the workers are paid less than a $100. You will agree with me that many families in Nigeria lives below $1 daily, which is why a post like this is very important.

Like I always say; you cannot earn more than you know. Even if you are earning about a $1 daily; it is important you know these 5 businesses you can start without capital in Nigeria. As you never can tell when such businesses with be helpful. Remember, no knower is lost.

In the spirit of service to you; I will be sharing with you, 5 businesses you can Start Without Capital in Nigeria. Whether you are a student, stay at home mum or a foreigner; these businesses are going to be helpful.

5 Businesses You Can Start without Capital In Nigeria

1. Being An MC (Master of ceremonies)

In all honesty, this is one of the businesses you can start without capital. As a matter of fact, all you need is ability to follow through plan and stay focus. You don’t even need to be funny to be an MC; you only need to be able to manage and follow through with the plan of the event. If you look around you, you will know there are lots of opportunities for this business to flourish; as you can serve in the church, mosque, wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies, coronation, launching, convocation, burial, birthday, and many more event need an MC.

2. Being A Home Teacher

While I was in school; I remember I had a family that pays me 40,000 monthly to teach their children (2 kids) thrice a month – you can even make more than that from a family now. Just two days ago; I received a call from another family I taught 8 years ago, during my NCE days. That is what you gain if you are a good teacher. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take up the offer because I am no longer interested in home tutor. However, this was what I did while I was in school; as a matter of fact, that was my only means on income then.

However, being a home tutor is not always easy as you will always have to work with the terms of the family; sometimes, you will have to wait outside for them to come home or stay longer to clear a point. Aside from that, it is good business to consider for all student; as it will help you to keep learning, while someone is paying you for learning or refreshing your brain – isn’t that lovely?

Although, being a home tutor requires some level of commitment from you as a teacher. Some of which are:

  1. You must be brilliant (This is not negotiable)
  2. You must know how to teach (This is also not negotiable)
  3. You must be patient (Not negotiable too)
  4. Yu must be punctual
  5. You must be flexible in your teaching methods

3. Do Money Collector

Sometimes ago, there was this tenant of ours who was a teacher; unfortunately, he lost his job somehow. After that, I just noticed his wife started to start collecting daily contribution in our street, before long, she covered other sounding streets. IN the space of 3 months, the husband joined her, and they bought a motorcycle for their business. In fact, when you see the man dress up in the evening to go and collect money; you will think he is working in bank. My brother, within the space of two years; they built their house. That was why I knew there was money in being a money collector.

However, it is important to note that this is not a business for everybody has the risk involve is huge.

Qualities of a good money collector

  1. Sincerity and honesty; as people must be able to trust you.
  2. Consistency and punctuality; it is important you always come when expected. As failure to show up is a strong signal of fraud.
  3. Accountability

Quick tips:

  • Make sure you don’t go home with people’s money; to avoid any case of robbery.
  • Make sure you don’t also use people money for any kind of investment no matter what

4. Being a Freelance Driver

Being a freelance driver is one of the businesses you can start without money; as all that is needed for the business is your driving license and an internet enabled phone. Then you just need to either register with Taxify or Uber, and you will be tested, after which you will be trained to start working.

Another way to be a freelancer driver is to find someone who has a car; then submit such car for Uber or Taxify use. Being an Uber driver is a very lucrative job that one can start without any capital; as long as you are trusted and can drive.

Things needed to be freelance driver

To be an Uber driver or a taxity driver, you will need all the following listed below:

  1. You must have a driver’s license
  2. You must be polite and respective; as you will need to deal with different people on a daily basis
  3. You must be able to read google map; as you will need it most times.
  4. You must be able to communicate in English
  5. You must have an internet enabled phone

5. Be an offline Affiliate

This is by far the simplest and the oldest among them all. It requires you to find a market, then locate the product to sell to the already found market. For instance, you have people that want to buy indamine in large quantity, but at a very good rate. Then you locate a good store that sells in large quantity with a good price; then take the people to the store on a commission. It’s that simple!

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