Businesses You Can Do With No Money In Nigeria

5 Businesses You Can Do With no Money In NigeriaI know there are some people who have never gone broke before in their entire life. I know it’s possible to life a life of affluence all your life, but that is not the same with me. If you are like me; you will agree with me that sometimes we are just short of cash. The only different is that the rate at which it happens to us differs. This made me to remember one of my uncle’s quote; “the rich also cries.” The topic of today is not why we are broke but what to do when we are broke.

I remember when I just finished my NCE and was working as a contract engineer to one company. One day the owner of the company called me and ask; Samson, what business do you think I can do? I was shocked to marrow! Imagine when Dangote is asking me what business can he do? lol I don’t have an answer to his question so I asked him why he was asking me such a question. He said you know business is not like the way it was before; so, I have to be on the look out for another type of business. Unfortunately I know little about business back then. This was a man that had over 23 houses scattered all over Nigeria. This is just to tell us that the rich understood the power of stream of income.

Today, I shall be discussing 5 businesses you can do with no money. I do not know who you are or where you are from, but one thing I know is that we all need more than one stream of income to be financially FREE because business will not always be good even in politics. So, what are the businesses one can do without money?

1. Be An Agent: This is the largest and the surest way you can start making money without investing a dine. Who is an agent? In this contest: an agent is someone who connects the buyer and the seller together. e.g a caretaker e.t.c This business comes in different sizes and shape depending on your level of expoture and tallents. How do I me? If you are very exposed you can pull a deal worth hundred of thousands because you have the courage and the self esteem to follow through.

How Do You Make Money As An Agent?

  1. Go and locate a Seller: This you can do either offline or online. you can use Olx, Facebook, Twitter, Jiji, e.t.c
  2. Get a very good product that you can sell for a very good price; you can even initiate negotiation with the seller to beat down the price a bit. After you have a successful bargain. Sometimes, if you have some cash you can just get the product and re-seller on the same platform for a higher price.
  3. Copy the seller’s products and description and past in on OLX or facebook or Jiji  with your own contact details.
  4. Discuss a meeting point and take the buyer to the seller but few minutes before then you let the buyer know you are selling on his behave. Period! I honestly, have used the approach to make some money on OLX without even know what I was doing then. I never knew I would be writing about this I would have document all my sales on OLX.

I remember one awesome experience when I was doing my teaching practice. I got a phone from one Coper for 5k. Though, there were some visible fault that can be seen anyway. Like rough case, cracked touch, misplaced volume control key and swollen battery. He never told me that the phone can only last 45 minutes when fully charged. You think it’s the battery? I tried it with a colleague battery; it was still the same so I decided to sell it off.

I went to OLX too and posted it for 9k and someone called me the second day. All I have to do is to make sure the phone was fully charged and the transaction must not exceed 10 minutes. Which was exactly what I did. I put my major sim in a small phone and only put on the phone for the buyer to see. After like 5 – 10 minutes the deal was closed and I collect my money. Oh, you want to know the phone? It was Tecno F7 when it was still very hot. At that time a used one goes for 20+ so, it was a fair deal anyway.

Just last week; I made N7,600 with this method in just a single deal. I have some friends who need Agbo Jedi (Piles Herbal Mixture) and I have a woman who is very good at producing one. So, I went to the woman and do proper negotiation I got it for 800 and told my friends about the Herbal and four of them request for the Herbal. I told them it’s N2,500 and they accepted. I collected 10,000 from them and went to the woman to get the Herbal; this cost me N2,400 and I make a cool N7,600. The truth is that if you use the Herb you will be grateful to me because it works. So, it is a win-win deal; they got quality Herbal product and I got paid for helping them selling the woman product. Everybody is happy!

2. MC (Master of Ceremony): This is more of talent or gift. If you are not gifted you might not be able to do this because you have to be humorous and organized else you will flop the occasion.

3. Nanny: This is by far one of the best business for woman – taking care of babies. Look around you; there are people who do not have the time to take care of there child for one reason or the other.All you have to do is to tell your pastor and your neighbors. Aside, from telling people around you; people must be aware that you indeed love children else it will just be a waste of time because Nanny is more of Passion then the money.

4. Run Errand: This is something we do naturally here in the western part of Nigeria but can be a business in the East. lol This is just the situation where people pay you for helping them to buy something.

5. Coking For People: This is now a big business here in Nigeria. If you are a good cook you are in for a big treat. The sudden increase in fast food and noodles has left most of our woman without the ability to make good meal. That is why it is a good business for the ones that can cook. Everything you need will be bought and you will be awesomely rewarded for the cooking depending on your packaging and branding though.

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