5 Businesses You Can Do; Now That Nigeria Population Rises To 193.4 million

I am giving you something to work with in this New year 2017; something that will place you above others in business and finance. Although, it is a known fact that you can only take a horse to the river, but you can’t force the horse to drink. So, whatever you do with this write-up; I am fine with it, because I have done my part by putting it together.

However, do you know that the success of any business is TRAFFIC? If not, why do you think these big companies will be throwing TV, Radio, Web and Paper adverts every now and then? Peradventure, you’re still in doubt; ask any blogger about it and you will be shock at their response!

Meanwhile, the important of this analysis is to help you strategically place your business in the right spot come 2017. If you really took your time to read through this post and apply all that will be stated here; then your business is heading for a boom in the New Year.

Before anything else; I think it is pertinent to know that the population of Nigeria which was at 140,431,790 in 2006 (last population census) is now 193,392,517. This is according to the National Population Commission (NPC) and the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

According to the forecast released by NBS, Kano is the city with the highest population of 13,076,892  people, followed by Lagos with 9,113,605 people. This report contradicts that given by the Lagos State Government and the United Nations which places the population of Lagos at 22 million people (this is not a problem).

Kaduna is estimated to be the third most populated state with 8,252,366 people, followed by Oyo state which has a population estimate of 7,840,864. Katsina has a population of 7,831,319 people, having been displaced by Oyo state to the fifth position.

The NBS population analysis also estimated that  98,630,184 males and 94,762,333 females make up our entire population, with children between the ages of 0 – 4 making up the larger percentage of the nations entire population, followed by those from 5 – 9 years. The population of the people making up the working population (15 – 64 years) is estimated to be at 106,257,431 people.

Despite the crises in the North, the population estimate indicates that there was an increase in the population in the North, with Bauchi being the state with the highest population in the North-East zone at a population of 4,653,066 while Benue leads the population of the North-Central with 5,742,815 inhabitants.

In the South-East zone, Anambra state has the highest population of 5,527,809 inhabitants. Rivers State leads the South-South region with 5,198,716 inhabitants. With a population of 2,277,961 people, Bayelsa is the least populated state in Nigeria.

The NPC will commence preparation for the 2018 national census in 2017.

I honestly wish I could spoon feed you but time will not permit me. So, I am going to just list the businesses and leave you to ask your questions so that we can continue from there if need be.

  1. Babies Needs/Materials: If you take a look at the statistics; you will see that the largest number of the population was taken by babies (0-4 years). No wonder Pampas is growing day in day out! if you are looking for a business to do this New Year; think selling babies needs – period!
  2. MLM: Leave it or take it Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) is a BOMB this year 2017. This is likely due to the increase in the number of Nigeria internet users.
  3. Ecommerce: Nigeria has the largest numbers of online shoppers among other African countries. If you are a business man you know what that means. Although, men are more than women by the population statistics above but honestly, these men don’t buy things for themselves as much as they buy for their babes. Think right bro!!
  4. Digital Marketing: As the number of internet user increases; the need for knowledge on how to maximize its use increases too. So, many people are new to this system and the market is huge. Get trained on Digital marketing and Get PAID to train others – period!!!
  5. Health Products: If you ask people selling Forever Living products; they will confirm my claims. Nigerians no longer joke with their health any longer. Besides, the economy is not giving you the avenue for recless spending; so people do all they could to keep healthy. If you are looking at a profitable nich come 2017 –  consider health sector.

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