5 Ways To Make Money With Football Viewing Center

football viewing centerI think it is important you know that I am not a coach neither am I a die hard fan of any club or country including Nigeria. Maybe because I do not want to have hypertension or maybe am avoiding high blood pressure; either way is true. I know you have already have a football viewing center and are only looking for awesome and brilliant ideas that will catapult your football viewing center to another level.

Having a Football viewing center is just like running other business that needs to be planned. There are some things that you will need to have in your possession if you want to run or have a successful football viewing center. Maybe, I should quickly list them here:

  1. DSTV
  2. Nice location
  3. Ventilated scructure
  4. Standby generator
  5. Flat screen/Projector
  6. Chair
  7. Fans or ACs
  8. Light
  9. Refreshments e.g water, fry meat, chin-chin, pop corn e.t.c
  10. white/black Board

I know having a stander football viewing center is not easy but it’s possible. That is why today, I shall be shearing with you what I think should catapult your football viewing center to the next level. I will try to keep these to five!

  1. Make victory memorable: by this I mean you should try and make any winning team happy and make their victory memorable. Let assume Manchester United is playing with Chelsea and Manchester Unitex winns the match. All you have to do is to get Machester United Jessy and get  Jessy for Chelsea then stand on it to celebrate victory.
  2. Try to use the right light. There are basically two major colors used in football irrespective of your team: Red and Blue. Just have red and blue lights in your football viewing center. So, when Chelsea wins and Chelsea fans are celebrating and ready to go home just put on the blue build to celebrate Chelsea victory.
  3. More exits: Make sure there are lots of ways to exit the viewing center. This is very important because people don like to Waite a minutes once the match is over. If you delay your customers for just 5 minutes our football before they can exit your football viewing center be sure you they won’t come bank again.
  4. Make refreshment available: make sure there are refreshments available on purchase. e.g pomo, roasted meat,water, pop corn, chin chin, biscuit e.t .c
  5. Always give discount: everybody loves to save money. We all love to have some discount on most things we buy with our money. That is why it is important to always give discount. eg Pay for 3 matches and watch 4th matches FREE.

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