5 Awesome Differences Between Zarfund And Bit4Bits

Although, there are so many misconceptions in our society these days; unfortunately, some can be corrected while others can’t be corrected. One of such correctable misconception was the illusion some people had about MLM and PONZI Schemes. Few weeks ago, I wrote a post on some PONZI schemes, people should stay off this year which evokes the rage of a reader here.

Quickly, let me posit here, that my posts were purely on sincere review, report or experience. Honestly, there was never a time I wrote to promote anything FALSEFUL on EarnBase! This does not even exclude our skill acquisition programs like: how to make Dettol, how to make bleach, how to make liquid soap and the rest. If we have not done it before or aren’t seen someone doing it then we DON’T talk about it – it’s as simple as that.

I must commend Mr Jay for his honest comment; he was very factual in his comment that I had to buckle up writing proper posts lol


Meanwhile, it’s important I point out why am responding to Mr Jay’s comment; going through his comment, I found out that it wasn’t insultive neither was it abusive; yet he was able to conveyed his message properly. On EarnBase, it is important we respect one another and make our opinion known without infringing on other people’s right.

However, Mr Jay requested to know the differences between the following NETWORKING PLATFORMS Zarfund, Bit4Bits, iCharity and H2i (Helping Hands International). On this note, I will be writing today about the differences between Zarfund and Bit4Bits.

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5 Major Differences Between Zarfund and Bit4Bits

I think it better if I quote Zarfund here. If you click on Zarfund FAQ section and scroll down you will see this image below. This is where am going to start from!!!

A closer look at the image about tells a lot!

  1. Zarfund claims to be running FREE of CHARGE while Bit4Bits does not! Bit4Bits makes 10% from all members’ activation FEE. These 10% are used by Bit4bits to make the Business training possible! Just like every other PONZI scheme; they operate on FAKE integrity by claiming they don’t make money from participants. If you don’t still understand; ask MMM participants for clarity!
  2. There is No Admin FEE; this is another way of saying Admin Takes No Responsibility. Zarfund does not take responsibly if anything goes wrong with members FUN while Bit4Bits takes RESPONSIBILITIES!
  3. This is a person – to- person system usually builds on PONZI scheme just like the giant MMM while Bit4Bits is built on MLM (Multilevel Marketing). Bit4Bits is a Business Community of People-Helping-People to learn business and make money through referrals. Bit4Bits gives you the Privilege to learn new business ideas and earn by introducing people to invest under you using your referral link. On Bit4Bits, you do not pay any member; just like it is done with Forever Living Product (FLP), Trevo e.t.c
  4. Zarfund requires Monthly subscription while Bit4Bits does not. ZARFUND is a Subscription Service where members pay a monthly subscription to have access to different kinds of digital media and services on the ZarFund Platform. While with Bit4Bits, NO MONTHLY or YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION; once you are a member with Bit4Bits – you are a member forever!
  5. For Zarfund DOWNLINE is MUST but for Bib4Bits DOWNLINE is NOT a MUST. There are lots of people doing Bit4Bits without referring anybody and still making money.

If peradventure you need more reasons why you should stay away from PONZI schemes click here.

So many people have written about the danger in investing in PONZI schemes but people still went ahead to invest anyway. Remember, ours is just to guide you but the decision is solely yours. It’s your money and you decide what happens to it.

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Unfortunately, most of those promoting these PONZI schemes make most of their money through referrers. In fact, I was added to some of those groups on Whatapp. If I may ask; are those groups still functioning? I just wish PONZI schemes promoters can be very sincere and stop denying the obvious.

Please, kindly leave your comment below if you think I left something out. I hope this is helpful!

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