How to Start Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria – Lesson Two

how bulk sms works

PLEASE NOTE: I think it is important you know that I do not have anything to do with eStoreSMS. I am using them here as an example just because they are the best I ever used. In fact, most bulk sms provider in Nigeria got their sms and component from them.

eStoreSMS is one of the foremost SMS providers in Nigeria; it is one of the most reliable, efficient, effective and most affordable SMS portal. It outstanding customer relation made them outstanding.

Passive Reseller is an individual or organization who does not have money to invest in bulk sms business but want to make money from it. A passive reseller buys from eStoreSMS for N 1 and sells to the end user for any amount. He or she does not have a website.

Active Reseller is an individual or an organization that is willing to invest some money into the bulk sms business.

End Users is the individual or organization that uses the bulk SMS.

Different Between the Passive and the Active Bulk SMS Resellers

Passive Resellers

  1. No capital is involved
  2. No website
  3. You can transfer sms units to users
  4. Buy at 1 naira
  5. People cannot find you through Google

Active Resellers

  1. It involves little capital (between 12,000 – 25, 000)
  2. Website is provided
  3. You can credit users
  4. Buy below 1 naira (between 1naira – 0.85 kobo)
  5. You can direct people to your site directly
  6. You can also advertise and do other businesses with your website
  7. People can find you through Google

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