4 Signs That Show It’s Time To Change Your Mindset

Last year you were broke, sick and depressed. Same thing this month, and if care is not taken; it may continue like that. Believe it or not, you are here because of what you did or refuse to do; you are the architect of your life. As a matter of fact, nothing will change until you change your MINDSET. It is important you know that the way you look at your life is what will ultimately make you happy or unhappy.

When you become consumed by negative beliefs or assumptions, you will find that you are depressed and unhappy with your life. Eventually, your perception will become your reality, so changing your mindset can make a huge difference in your life. A negative mindset tends to cloud your judgment, making it hard to tell if the negative thoughts you are experiencing are outside yourself or inside your psyche.

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Oh, you are probably resigning to fate; as you are thinking this is your destiny. Bros, this is not your DESTINY; it is simply the RESULT of your THINKING.

In case, you don’t know; I am going to share with you four signs that show it’s time to change your mindset and improve your life.

You Constantly Focus on Everything That’s Wrong

Don’t ask me how I got to know; as you can’t be negative by focusing on the right things – it’s just logical! So, if you are always fixating your attention on the disappointments and worries in your life, this is a sure indication that your mindset is tainted with negativity. To begin to change this mindset, take some time to think about those things in your life that you are thankful for, because it will help keep the negative thoughts from completely overwhelming your perspective.

You Won’t Face the Truth

Complaining about reality won’t change it. Relentlessly complaining, is ultimately your refusal to acknowledge and accept the truth. There are things in your life that you just can’t change, and refusing to see the world as it is, results in you no longer being able to tell fact from fiction. Take action and change those things that you can and accept those that you can’t.

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You Become Angry When Your Expectations Aren’t Met

All these signs are just telling you it’s time to change your MINDSET. You see, your expectations are a large part of your mindset. They are what you believe to be necessary and possible. If you are always angry with the people in your life, or yourself, for not meeting your expectations, it means that your expectations were unrealistic, to begin with. Our expectations are what lay the groundwork for our experiences, and if we have unrealistic expectations, we will never be satisfied with our life.

You See Yourself as a Victim

I am not from a rich family, I did not finish my Polytechnic or University education, my brothers are not helping me, I am not beautiful or handsome, I can’t speak good English; these and many more are your likely excuses. Continually seeing yourself as a victim, hinders your ability to change things and build a better life for yourself. This victim mentality is generally a by-product of low self-esteem. The only way to change this mindset is by deciding to reject the victim role, and start creating something better for yourself.

Changing your mindset isn’t easy, but it is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. Learn how to recognize a negative mindset and become empowered to make the changes necessary to become more positive about your life.

Stand up, learn the skill, start the business, face your fear, and claim your inheritance in Christ Jesus.

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