Why eCommerce Business? – Lesson Two

earnbase ecommerce series 2Welcome to the second lesson on the series of eCommerce exposed. Today, we shall be looking at why considering eCommerce.

Why eCommerce?

Do you just ask me that question again? Ok! I guess you probably do not know the following people?

Who is JEFF BEZOS? That is the CEO of AMAZON.COM (E-commerce where books are sold) his estimated Net Worth is more than $19.1 billion.

Do you know JACK MA? That is the CEO of ALIBABA.COM (E-commerce for Chinese Manufacturers) his estimated Net Worth is …..

These people are just among the few that are making billions of dollars with E-commerce.

Aside from the above reason; there are some other reason why E-commerce is the business for this generation.

  1. Global Market: E-commerce is a global market; it is not tied to the economy of any country and your buyers are not limited to your own country or state. This is because the internet on which transactions take place has no boundaries. More are more people are making orders online day by day. In fact, E-commerce is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today.
  2. No Limit: E-commerce just like every other online business is never bounded by time frame; even when you are sleeping transactions continues on your website. It is a truly 24/7 market. It does not close like conventional market. This means that, even while you are off or on vacation – you still make money
  • Entrepreneurship: It actually gives you the freedom you need as an entrepreneur as you are the BOSS of you own business. You can make rules and decisions that will move your business forward without the consent of anybody.
  • Mobility: This is truly one of the businesses that doesn’t tie you to a place or affected by the economy of your country. You can still run you E-commerce business even when you are outside the country. It is truly mobile!!!
  • Not Capital Intensive: It not capital intensive; if you have nit started – it is either you don’t have the right information or you probably want to start too big. Definitely not because of money.

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2 thoughts on “Why eCommerce Business? – Lesson Two”

  1. Greetings,

    from my few readings, i think eCommerce is the way to go. but i must confess i am afraid. They say i must have a registered company name with C.A.C. That will certainly cost a good amount of money. Besides i also understand that i have to be good in computing. How true is that?

    • @David, you don’t have to be a computer savvy to own an ecommerce sir. All you need is right info amd you are good to go.
      Thanks for visiting EARNBASE


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