3 Simple Steps to Exportation From Nigeria – Part 4


This tutorial is a do it yourself guide. Secondly, I want to make sure that everyone of us is safe and has the right information.

I know that most of the information out there are fake. I am not saying there are no right information but the truth is that; those who have right info don’t want to share it. This is because they enjoy monopolising the information.

Aside from that, most of this people loves to extends their chain of business rather than giving you the right information. They wi rather want you to work for them indirectly. Forgetting that the export market is larger that Nigeria herself. By this, I mean if everybody is an exporter; we are still not enough to saturate the export market.

Rather than making you another exporter; they will tell you to bring your products and they will send it to one individual in germany and that individual we then sell your products to the real buyer. Even most of those acclaimed exporter don’t have access to the real buyers contact.

Anyway, this is not my real subject for today.
Today, I shall be talking about the real chain of exportation.

Exportation follows three simple steps. Every export you have done or you will be doing will follow this three simple steps.

Step 1:
You have to get the buyers! Please, you have to ignore what those acclaimed experts tell you here. This is because they are the ones who have the customers if actually they did and not you. So, the first thing is for you to get your customers.
There are two ways to this:
1. You will get a complete customers address. I will tell you more about this.
2. The customers will come to you. This is usually possible by recommendations or organic search (i.e locating your business if you have a website through Google).

Step 2
Source for the product. This is usually the second step. It is after you have spoken with your customer before you proceed to get the product. I will talk more on this later.

Step 3
You send the product to your customers after you agreed payment. I will advice do not send any goods on credit else you have some level of confidence or trust in the customers. In fact, I will advice you not to send your goods on credit. Please!!!

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4 thoughts on “3 Simple Steps to Exportation From Nigeria – Part 4”

  1. Thanks for this great info.1.How are we going to receive our payments. 2.When are we going to receive our payment?Is it after sending the goods or before?Is there any escrow method or not?
    Thanks as i await your reply.

    • You can receive payment before sending your goods or you receive payment after the goods is being delivered.
      As per the method of receiving your cash. You can receive it either through Western Union, domiciliary and many other options.
      They all depends on how you play your ball sir


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