3 Deadly Mistakes Of Young Internet Marketers In Nigeria

3-deadly-mistakes-of-young-internet-markertersRemember the mistakes we made as a child; the mistakes we made in our family, school, business and life. It was right for us to make mistakes but when we repeat the same mistakes over and over again it became a problem that needs urgent solution. As a matter of fact, if you are making no mistakes you are actually not trying enough.

Everyone makes mistake; that is why our importance today is not on the mistakes we made but the lessons we learnt from the mistakes, makes all the difference. There were so many things I did wrong as a young internet marketer.This same mistakes I see young Internet marketers making everyday; that is why this post is important for you. Just because you sold some pieces of Samsung Galaxy S6 does not make you an expert in internet marketing.

Here are the 3 Most Common Mistakes/Errors Made by Young Internet Marketers:

1. Something For Nothing Mindset
2. Selling rather than giving value
3. Wrong business Attitude


It may interest you to know that most young Internet marketers have the mindset of getting Something For Nothing – they believed in Free gifts. Honestly, we were all once a victims! This set of people wants everything for FREE; they were from this school of thought ” the most valuable things one earth are FREE”, so they want almost everything for FREE. These Newbies won’t buy helpful materials just because they wanted the materials for FREE. Bros, Nothing valuable comes for FREE, honestly – at least in the world of Internet marketers. That’s simply the nicked truth!!!


I was once here myself; so, I know exactly what am saying. If the truth must be told; people honestly hates when you market to them because they felt you are doing this in other to make money from them. But when you offer/give VALUES people will begging to buy your products or services. If you like to know how to sell values; please, click here!


It is the same in business just like in life; attitude is everything! You must have heard of this saying ” your attitude determines your altitude”. Let me elucidate more on this by telling you a true life story.

I remember the story of a  Medical Doctor who is now a Successful Farmer! Her story was the one that depicts greatly the place of attitude in business. After graduating from a medical school abroad; she felt an huge to follow her passion. Even when she was doing well as a medical doctor!

So, she came home to make her intentions known to her parents. Just as you may have thought; it was not easy for both her and her parents as everyone was thinking why would a successful practicing medical doctor suddenly turns to be a FARMER. After a whole lots of arguments; they agreed to her decision.

Her fortune in the farming industry starts when she came across an advert on newspaper. She was in her small office where she uses for selling her farm products when she read about the advert; it was a 6 hectares of land for sale! After some thoughts; she came up with several questions like: where will I see the money, who will borrow me such an amount of money, what will I even use a collateral if any institution offers to help and many other likely questions were running through her mind.

After few days she contacted the person who placed the advert; it was an old man because she realized the man was an elderly man while speaking to him over the phone. She said; “I don’t go to elderly people’s house without a gift.”

When she got to the old man; she quickly ran out to bring the farm products she brought for the man. Immediately the man saw that his heart melted and he gave out the land without any deposit or collateral. He offered her to pay him over 6 years. That is the power of attitude and nothing can take the place of right business attitude. If you don’t have it you better start learning now!!!

Here are some qualities of right business attitude

1. Sincerity

2. Honesty

3. Responsibility

4. Giving

5. Faith

I know there are still more that should be added; you can add to this list if you think haves missed out anything by leaving your comments bellow.

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