3 Best Businesses You Can Do In Nigeria NOW And Make MONEY

Best Businesses You Can Do In Nigeria NowMaybe I should start today’s post with a grateful heart. I thank you all for your kind words of encouragements and loyalty to Earn Base; you guys have been very wonderful! It is true that the things that kept us going are more important than the things that held us down; you guys kept us going! To all my awesome and loyal readers; thank you. Today’s post as it promises to be liberating as usual!

Just like I will always say; there is no business that cannot make anyone huge money depending on time an chances. I have had cases where people made millions of naira by selling Cements, Bread, Pure Water, Second Hand Cloths, Woods and virtually anything.

Maybe I should even ask you; can you just give me one job that is not capable of making anyone wealthy? Maybe you will talk of toilet business and I will tell you about Otunba Gadafi (Cheat Business Na Good Business). Talks about betting; then I will tell you about Bet Naija by (Otunba Akin Alabi)  an the list is just endless!

Nevertheless, the only different between those who succeed in business and those who don’t  is that the successful people saw the opportunities and jumped at it because the were prepared. They also knew that every business will always provide you with an opportunity and only those that are prepared will be able to take the opportunity; and for those that are prepared to meet this opportunity the results were obvious.

Can you mention any Nigeria Millionaire or Billionaire who did not jump at the opportunities provided by their businesses at one time or the other? However, this was possible because they were prepared for the opportunities before they surfaced and were also able to recognized the opportunities even in disguise.

Today, Buhari’s government as provided us with some awesome and brilliant opportunities that every serious minded business person should jump at. In this piece; I shall be talking about the 3 best businesses you can do now in Nigeria and make huge money. I will also be giving reasons why I think these businesses are the best at this time.

  1. Gas Agent/Retailer: At this present time, even the blinds can see that Gas is taking the lead; thereby providing us opportunities to making huge fortunes. If you are yet to see the huge opportunities created by the HIGH demand of gas by this Buhari’s regime then you need to look again. Even if you can’t be a major/sole distributor of Gas in your locality; what is stopping you from being a wholesaler or a retailer of gas? However, I will quickly, run through some reasons why I think this business is BEST right now:
    • Kerosene Is Expensive Now Than Ever: So, people are turning to Gas as an option. Even the local food sellers; the popularly called BUKA now uses Gas to prepare their meals.
    • Petrol Is Expensive Too: Do I need to repeat this again? You now buy the same Petrol by double the old price; yet getting the same old diluted product. Thank God Gas as presented a new opportunity.
    • Cars Now Run On Gas In Nigeria: If you do not know; you better do now, that cars are now running on Gas in Nigeria creating more opportunities for only the WISE.
    • Generator Now Also Run on Gas: On this no story! you can click here for a live display of this in our office.
  2. Quick Teller PayPoint Agent: This is another business opportunity in this great regime of president Buhari. There are lots of noise by the past and present government agencies/parastaters on going cashless; majorly in some major states in Nigeria (e.g Lagos State). Being a Quick teller Paypoint agent you will be able to offer the following services:
    • Bill Payment
    • Funds Transfer
    • Cash Deposits
    • Cash Withdrawals
    • Insurance and Airtime Recharge to customers
  3. Exportation: The hardship on our economy is to tell us that our president is serious about making Nigeria an export country. Honestly speaking, if you are yet to the ever moving train of exportation; I am afraid, you may be doing yourself lots of harm. However, it is important to NOTE here that exportation is not a get rich quick scheme as some people claimed – it has its own downsides too; but it is definitely the way forward for Nigerians. You can learn more about exportation here!

Here are my best businesses you can do now and make huge money. However, I am not saying there are no other businesses you know. I am just trying to say these three promises to be the best at this time in our country Nigeria.

Meanwhile, I will what you think about theses businesses; this you can do by leaving a comment below. By doing so, you make your opinion known to other readers of this blog and the reading becomes more FUN.

5 thoughts on “3 Best Businesses You Can Do In Nigeria NOW And Make MONEY”

  1. hmm this quick teller tin, in what way is it profitable. moreover, how can one go about it. have come across paga. what really is the different between the two

    • @Ade, thanks for your time. However, I have a new post HERE on How To Be a Quickteller PayPoint Agent And Make Money.
      Once again; Thanks for checking EarnBase!


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