5 Golden Rules of Exportation – Part 3

5-Golden-Rules-exportationIf you have been following me on this blog you will know that I like stating Golden rules. You will remember I told you about the Golden rules of importation in our eCommerce series Click here if you miss our eCommerce series.

I am sorry, I might not be able to continue until I give you the golden rules. These rules are very important because they are going to help you minimize your risks if not totally eradicate them. These rule were very useful in our eCommerce series and am sure they will also help our exportation business.

Golden Rule For Exportation 1

Always Get Your Customers Before Anything

The truth is that there is no product that is not selling abroad. It all depends on the customers you can lay your hands on. Occasionally, some products might be in high demand than the other; that does not mean people don’t demand other product. It simply means the demand of one product is just higher than the other at that period in time. This may happen for many reasons.

Golden Rule For Exportation 2

Get The FULL Address of Your Buyer/Customer/Client

I hope you do you not forget you are the seller (Nigeria) while your customers are the buyers (other countries). Your customers might come from any country.

I hope you do not forget that you customer/buyers/clients might be an individual or a company. Be it an individual or a company; all that matters is their FULL address. oh, I forget to tell you that your customers FULL address is very important; without which no exportation.

Golden Rule For Exportation 3


Make sure your product is up to standard. If peradventure you escape Nigeria standard; you will not escape them over there. Besides, don’t forget they can still return your goods are ask for refund. That is even if your are paid before sending the goods or products. So, watch the standard you are sending out. I indulge you; make sure what you promised is what yo send. I do not need to remind you that your integrity counts in this business.

Please, make sure you are not sending contraband goods. That simple? I know but I think it’s worth mentioning.

Golden Rule For Exportation 4

Proper Packaging and Branding

Don’t forget you are not the only one selling the same goods or product. That is why you have to make sure your products are well packed else you might be loosing your customers to other Nigerians.

More so, yo need to understand that you are sending your products outside the country where packaging is glorified – that is no news.

Another reason for proper packaging and branding is for customers continuous patronage. Your customers will know how to describe you to others and how to single you out in the market.

Golden Rule For Exportation 5

Do Not Package Your Products From Home

By this I mean you must take your products to where ever you want to export it before you start packaging. This is to  prevent people from sending contraband. An officer must be with you in your point of packaging, to witness you have no contraband in your package.

Even if you are sending one cup of garri; you are expected to take the garri to them (Nipost, FFEDEX, DHL e.t.c ) along side with your packaging material; in this case a branded nylon and package it in their presence.

These has been my guiding rules for all exportation and it as being profitable. I hope you will keep these rules. If you miss our last post on exportation; you can get it here

Please, drop your comment below as you await my next post on exportation.

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