25 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Fire Your Boss NOW!!!

I pray God opens your eye to see the light of being an entrepreneur. Sometimes, I wonder the need to cry over things you have the power to change yourself. Why do you complain on things you can change? Why living your life on someone else’s decision? For how long will you be at the mercy of your Boss? Yes, I do not care about how you feel because expecting a different result repeating the same thing is called Foolishness!

In fact, you are never doing enough even if you lose your life in the process. I have personally see people lose their life in service to their boss. If you take a good look at your circle; you probably knew someone who knows someone who dies servicing his or her boss.

Truth being told; I get angry when I see people complaining about their jobs when they have the opportunities and the resources to change their situation. Why complaining?

I think I need to point out here that if you truly want to be happy; you must get something doing for yourself else happy future is not certain. You do not necessarily need to quit your job before you start your own business. All you need is just the knowledge and willingness to make things happen – that’s all!

I do not know how to say this better; whether you like it or not you just another living tool to your boss needed to get the job done.

However, I am not in saying you should fight or hate your boss neither I’m telling you to FIRE HIM and be SELF-EMPLOYED if you must live the life you want. You can never trust and build your life on salary! To make this possible; I will be putting up 25 reasons why you should FIRE your BOSS NOW.

  1. You are never doing enough even if you lose your life in the process
  2. Your Boss believes he is doing you a favor
  3. Your Boss wants to know how you spend your salary that is why sometimes they dictate to you what to do with your salary e.g buy need cloths, buy new shoes and many more
  4. Your Boss trampled on your personality all in the process of killing your EGO
  5. Your Boss threatens to Fire you in other to enslave
  6. Your Boss makes you weak in making key decisions in business thereby rendering you useless even for yourself in the future
  7. Your Boss uses you to enrich himself or herself
  8. Your Boss is always right and you are always wrong even if he is killing his own business
  9. Your Boss makes wrong decisions somethings but your suffer the consequence of his wrong decisions
  10. Your Boss will never pay you enough to have any saving
  11. Your Boss takes all your time by giving you job to do after working hours
  12. Your Boss make you over work by making you feel you need to do extra to secure your job
  13. Your Boss dictates your financial states
  14. Your boss determines your vacation or leisure time, how you should spend it and with whom
  15. Your Boss blames you for everything that goes wrong
  16. Your Boss will incapacitate you by not providing you all that will make your job easier because he or she wants you to work yourself out
  17. Your Boss enjoys the money while you do the working even when you are the one who brings in the million
  18. You most respect your Boss even if he or she is young and rude
  19. Your Boss sends you the risky jobs
  20. You are force to abandon your own vision and cause of living
  21. Your Boss makes you to live in FEAR because you can be FIRE ANYTIME
  22. Your Boss speaks to you rudely just to make you feel you are not worthy indeed
  23. Your Boss gets Jealous and angered if he or she suspects you are living above your salary
  24. Your Boss has no permanent friend or enemy among his staff that includes you
  25. Your Boss deliberately kills your entrepreneurial mindset gradually by making you believe YOU Must take INSTRUCTIONS from him or her always

I will appreciate if you think I have left something out be leaving comments bellow

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