23 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Join This Online Business In Nigeria (Bit4Bits)

You will agree with me that multiple streams of income is the way out from this economic recession we found ourselves as a country. That is why we need a workable system to join; whereby even when we don’t go to work or we are strong or traveled – we keep making money. If you really care about being financially FREE then you should be considering this types of businesses. Yes, it is difficult to know the ones that work! That is why am taking my time to write you 23 reasons why you need to join this type of online business NOW.

However, it is important to know why MLM is Different from MMM, ZARFUND and iCHARITY. Bellow are my 23 awesome reasons why you should join a workable Multi-Level-Marketing System (Bit4Bits).

23 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Join MLM In Nigeria

1) Low Cost of Entry – In most cases, you can get into a network marketing company for less than 100,000 but there is hardly a small company you can start with 100,000 giving you the same profits and FREEDOM when compared to a Network Marketing Company. The good news is that you can join Bit4bits for $10 and earn unlimited passive income!

2) You Own Your Schedule – By this, I mean you can live a well-planned life. You know when to travel and what to do with your life.

3) No Website Design/Develop/Maintain Required – With most MLM you don’t have design, develop or maintain a website. The companies already have a website in place for you.

4) Tax Benefits for Home – When you have a home business, the tax benefits & savings alone can be greater than the cost of entry to get your business started.

5) Work From Anywhere – This is called Portability! You can be anywhere you want. You are not limited to a place to work. If you decide to move, you can.  There are no buildings or customer locales to consider.

6) No Resumption Time: With most MLM you don’t resume business like you always do with general work where you leave home early to beat holdup in Lagos Nigeria. Another good reason why people are joining Bit4Bits!

7) No Employees – You are able to build your business without employees. The headache behind having employees in a traditional business is massive!

8) Residual Income – Residual income will allow you to collect revenue even when you are not on the clock.  Most people do not get paid unless they are on the clock, their store is open, and they are billing clients or producing products.  Network Marketing is based on residual income. With Bit4Bits, your earnings are unlimited!

9) Security – Many people fear losing their jobs.  When you have your own network marketing business you always have the stability of your network.

10)  No Income Restriction – there is no income restriction in Network Marketing.  If you want to double the size of your income you can!  Most local businesses or service companies have some level of financial restriction.  Finding opportunities that will not limit your is ideal.

11) Builds Social Skills – You will grow in Network Marketing, especially if you want a large income.  You have to grow to become the person who helps others, encourages others and helps others get what they want out of life.  I love this aspect of MLM.

12) You Can Go From Nothing To Something In A Short Time –  Just earlier today I was talking with someone who used to be, as he says, “on the streets” and who is now building a Success Team.  It’s crazy what 1 month has done in his life.  I love hearing success stories like this.  You completely get to determine your future.

13)  Your Personal Growth – Personal development is synonymous with Network Marketing.  The personal growth you have to experience for success is great, creating a better person.

14)  Involve Your Kids – You can involve your kids in this business and teach them strong work ethics and social skills.  Because Network Marketing allows you to work at home and around your own schedule, your kids will grow up see exactly what you do and how you do it.

15) No Discrimination Between Men & Women.  Everyone is on a level playing field and all have the same opportunity to succeed, thrive and excel. Anybody can join Bit4Bits!

16) You Are Your Only Limit – The only limitations are those that you personally put in place.  The responsibility to succeed or fail is all on you.

17) Scalability – You can grow your income & customer base without having to grow your infrastructure.  That’s simply is not possible in a service organization.

18)  No Corporate Ladder – When people are trying to climb the corporate ladder there are always limited positions, meaning someone succeeds and someone does not.  Network Marketing allows all to succeed to build their business.

19)  No Hold Up – If you’ve ever had to suffer through rush hour traffic, you know the advantage of working from home and avoiding this nightmare!

20)  Quickly Profitable – It doesn’t take people very long to become profitable in Network Marketing.  That is certainly not the case in most franchise or for most startups.

21) Leverage Time / Network – Because of the structure of the business, you are able to leverage your time by leveraging your network.

22) Training Readily Available – Because Network Marketing is a system and so many independent distributors are involved, training is typically at your fingertips.  Opening your own business and there are constant trials and errors.  Network Marketing is a system that you buy into and is easy to duplicate and teach.

23) No Educational Barriers: You don’t have to be a college graduate or a university graduate before you can join any MLM. All you need is a mind that is ready to learn and ability to repeat success strategies.

You need to join a TRUSTED MLM company that was majorly built for BUSINESS people. Join Bit4bits! Please, don’t forget Bit4bits was built for helping business people to succeed in their business by offering latest PREMIUM BUSINESS TRAINING for FREE.

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